19 Oct

Max and Moose Treeline Collection

If you’ve ever had a baby then you’ve for sure know the term “Swaddle Blanket” and most likely even swaddled one or more of your babes. For us swaddling our babies has been such a life saver and helped our little peanuts sleep better. Max and Moose is one of our favorite brands when it comes to blankets because we love their quality (and of course their looks!) Their blankets are garment dyed making each blanket unique. Every blanket also goes through 2 different washes to make sure you have the softest fabric wrapping around your baby!

One problem we’ve had with other swaddle blankets is they don’t stay tight and our babies can easily break out of their swaddle. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why we love Max and Moose because their 100% cotton + 2 way stretch blankets always do the trick and hold a good swaddle!

We love the concept that a swaddle blanket can be used through out all the stages of our little peanuts lives from newborn swaddling to toddler snuggles to big kid adventures with their favorite blanket! Check out their new Treeline Collection below that just launched this week including Birch, Blue Spruce + Maple!

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21 Sep

Meet Baby Behr

It’s time that we officially introduce you all to the newest member of the Little Peanut Family, Behrett “Behr” Bailey! Our sweet little nugget was born on August 14, 2017 at 8:05 in the morning weighing 7.8 ounces and 20 inches long of pure goodness! We’ve taken the past month off to really soak in as much of his sweet smells + tender cuddles as we could! We’ve really enjoyed slowing things down a bit but we are excited to get back into things and we’ve got some great stuff including more newborn + baby features coming your way!

So what’s it like with three boys? In one word, unreal. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have three boys that I grew + nurtured in my belly, birthed and now raising. I feel like over the past month I find my self staring at all three of my boys really trying to take in all of their unique features and going back and forth on who they look like…. what features they got from me (not very many) and what features they got from their daddy. I just truly can’t believe that I have three beautiful + healthy boys!

We had our first two boys almost exactly two years apart and there were defiantly hard times dealing with two littles boys. But I truly love that they are close in age and now that they are a little older they are the bestest of friends and do everything together. We debated for a while about adding a third baby to the family. It was a big decision for us because we did love the family dynamic of just us four and had finally got out of the “crazy baby stage” and was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with our oldest being 7 and our middle son being 5. Ultimately though I just had this feeling deep down that I wasn’t done and we needed one more sweet soul to complete our family. I’m so glad we decided to have a little gap between Bennie and Behr. This time around I’m older and more mature + I feel like where I’m at in my life now has made the experience of having a new baby even more enjoyable.  Being older + more calm and patient has really helped me to just take every moment in and truly enjoy it. To not stress over every little thing but rather love every phase of babyhood. Even the sleepless nights and chaotic schedules. I know any mom can completely relate when I say time goes by so crazy fast. Like heartbreakingly fast, so we all need to try and slow things down just a little bit and take it all in. Every sweet sound, smell, snuggle, early morning feeding, diaper change etc.

Our family is complete and there are no words to express how much love + light baby Behr has added to our family. I’m still amazed at how much room our hearts hold for our babies and it only continues to grow and grow. I’m truly grateful to be able to have children and I’m honored to be an all boy mom! It’s a pretty big responsibility to raise smart, strong, respectful, compassionate boys and I only hope that I can teach them to be all those things + more. To dream big and work hard. To respect others even if they are different. To love unconditionally. The adventures of motherhood are daunting but so rewarding and I’m excited to have one more chance to experience everything that being a mother has to offer. To all three of my boys… I hope you know + feel how much I love.


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11 Aug

Megan’s Baby Bump | Maternity Photos

Monday is the day! We will be welcoming the newest addition to the Little Peanut family and we are literally going stir crazy just waiting for this sweet babe finally be here! But before he does arrive, I wanted to share with you all my maternity photos. Pregnancy can be a hard thing especially when you are at the very end and just thinking about how uncomfortable + exhausted you are. I personally love being pregnant for the most part! Luckily I haven’t been sick at all this pregnancy but I have been overly fatigued and I can just tell that my body is older. Sleeping has been a big challenge these past couple of weeks because I carry all out the front (and have big babies!) but I can truly say that I love this beautiful bump with all my heart and I know I’m going to really miss it.

I know we don’t always feel or look our best during pregnancy but being able to capture this very special moment in my life is everything. I know these photos will be some of my most cherished! Since this is my third time around I’ve learned a few tips from experience on how to have a successful + stress free photo session. I decided to start the shoot with just me and the photographer so she could capture some really pretty images of just me before the rest of my family showed up. This time was so calm and I really felt so beautiful and in the moment with my belly. I then had by husband and boys come for the last 30 minutes because I still wanted to get photos of all of us together. This way they didn’t have to sit around while I was having pictures taken of me and they were so much better behaved! Because really 20-30 minutes is all that they can handle. I highly suggest trying something like this to keep the process stress-free! I can’t thank my sweet friend, Jacque Lynn Photography, for freezing this moment in time for us! Hope you all enjoy as well!

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07 Aug

Organic Skincare for Expecting Moms

Happy Monday! In exactly one week we will be welcoming our third baby boy into the Little Peanut Family and I’m feeling ALL the emotions! We are so excited and also so nervous! Will this new little guy be like his older brothers? Will I even remember how to take care of a newborn? What I do know is that we already have a whole lotta love for this guy + can’t wait to finally meet him!

With us being on the “home stretch” I wanted to share one of my favorite products I’ve been using this entire pregnancy! I was introduced to Erbaviva early on in this pregnancy and instantly fell in love with their organic skincare line for moms + babies. They carry everything from stretch mark oils to personal care + spa products all the way to baby creams + washes!

With my previous pregnancies I never really used stretch mark cream, mainly because I never found anything I liked. I felt like nothing really worked and also for some reason the smells of the things I tried were horrible! I for sure got stretch marks from my previous pregnancies but this time I wanted to be more proactive at taking care of my skin + body and help prevent my stretching skin from getting worse! I’ve mentioned  before that I have big babies which equals to a big belly so I need all the help I can get!

I’ve truly truly noticed such a difference this time around using Erbaviva’s Mommy-t0-Be products and wanted to highlight a few of my favorites I use daily. The Stretch Mark Cream has been my go to each and every day! This nutritive, organic essential oil-infused cream with cocoa butter and sea buckthorn extract actively aids in keeping skin hydrated and elastic. I apply this during the day + I must mention that the smell is what I love the most!

At night I use the Stretch Mark Oil and message it everywhere you get stretch marks! The oil really keeps my stressed skin soft, soothed and hydrated. Carrot seed oil boosts elasticity allowing skin to stretch smoothly, while rosemary, rosehip and vitamin E aid as anti-inflammatory skin rejuvenators. Delightfully aromatic!

I can’t wait to try out their firming products after baby comes and of course their new collection just for baby that is consciously crafted for newborn + baby’s skin!

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01 Aug

Must Have Baby Gear from buybuy BABY

A couple weeks ago we were invited partner with + spend our Friday night date night at our local buybuy BABY store and shop for baby the best baby products for our new baby boy who is almost here! It’s been five years since we’ve really stepped into a baby store and to be honest it was a bit overwhelming (in a good way!) I couldn’t even believe how many products they carried and didn’t really know where to start! So much has changed in the baby gear department over the past 5 years and so many new innovations that really help to make parenthood as easy as possible. With this being our third baby I do feel like I know which types of items will actually get used and which ones we really don’t need. I’m excited to share with you our top 10 list of baby gear essentials that we highly recommend + many other mothers in our community.

I can’t stop thinking about the experience we had at our local buybuy BABY store. The expert store associates there were so helpful and honestly had so much knowledge about every single product… and we asked a lot of questions! This darling lady who was working in the registry department was walking around to all the pregnant moms in the store giving them ice cold water bottles and making sure they knew were the closet bathroom was! I was truly impressed with the customer service there as well as the selection of products they carry. You can find pretty much anything you need and the range of pricing is perfect! They carry all the top name brand products as well as every price point in-between so you are sure to find something that works best for you! Their registry program makes selecting items for your little baby such a breeze as well as the return + exchange policy. With that all being said let’s dive into the products we picked up on our shopping trip!


1. Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 | We had a Maxi-Cosi car seat with our first baby 7 years ago and absolutly loved it because it was much lighter to carry then other carseats on the market at the time. With our second we decided to try something different and hated it. For our third we knew we wanted to go back to the Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 that offers supreme comfort, safety, and style.

2. DockATot Deluxe | If there was only one new product I could get for this baby I kept saying all I wanted was a DockATot! I’ve heard SO many rave reviews from fellow people in the industry and friends who have used this innovative sleeping lounger and truly swear by it. I can just tell that it’s a game changer and anything to help with sleeping is top on our list! Now available at buybuy BABY!

3. ComoTomo | With so many baby bottle brands on the market it can be super overwhelming to know even where to begin. We’ve heard so many good things about the ComoTomo bottles for the past several months and we’ve got to find out what all the rage is about! The naturally shaped, soft silicone nipple is ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle-feeding, and features an innovative and sensible design to most closely mimic natural breastfeeding.

4.  4Moms mamaRoo 4 |  If you’ve had a baby recently or are pregnant chances are you’ve heard about the wonders of the mamaRoo. This infant seat is changing the game in a big way and we are totally on board! This was another product that I knew I had to try + just know it’s going to be life changing! This smart seat bounces and sways just like you do when you’re comforting your baby. It’s soft and plush and provides plenty of entertainment with built-in music and toys and MP3 and Bluetooth compatibility.

5. Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer |  Ok we will be honest. We’ve never used a bottle warmer with our previous babies and not for sure it’s a necessity but maybe more of a luxury item. But I feel like we are maybe missing out on something great so we wanted to try a bottle warmer this time around! The sales team at buybuy BABY helped us pick out this particular warmer because it would work well with the ComoTomo bottles + is a safe, fast way to warm breast milk, formula or food! Can’t wait to use this guy!

6. 4Moms Infant Bath Tub |  4Moms is killing it in the gear department these days so we knew we could trust getting this infant tub. One of the features we were particularly drawn to is that it has a color-coded digital thermometer which makes it easy to set the perfect temperature for baby’s skin. It’s designed for use with running water to ensure that baby is always bathed in clean, fresh water. The side drain allows for the dirty water to drain out while the clean water flows in.

7. Bugaboo Buffalo | We’ve talked about our love for our Bugaboo Buffalo before and are still going to use it for this baby! We’ve had it for a couple of years and it’s still in great condition. It’s no secret that Bugaboo’s line of strollers are more expensive then most brands but we’ve tried them all and found out that investing our money into something better built has actually saved us money in the long run. If you are planning on having more then one child we highly recommend investing in something a little higher quality that will last you through the years. buybuy BABY is one of the only local stores that carry this brand so we stalked up on some gear to add to our Buffalo like the Wheeled Board (great for letting another child ride along), Cup Holder, and Snack Tray.

8. Doddle & Co Pop Pacifier |  Have you seen these yet?! So genius! Should the Doddle & Co Pop Silicone Pacifier fall on the floor, the nipple pops into the self protective silicone bubble keeping it from getting dirty! The retracting pacifier mimics the motion of a natural teat, making it great for children birth to 6 months of age. Genius!

9. Bubula Diaper Pail |  I remember someone telling us after our first baby what a waist diaper pails were and I was so shocked because I’ve always loved using one. Times have changed and they’ve improved even more over the years. We loved the Bubula Diaper because you can use your own bags (no special bags needed…bonus!) and it boasts a large container that holds more diapers. It features an airtight lid to trap odors. Crafted of durable steel and aluminum, this pail won’t absorb odors!

10. Bumbo Multi Seat | No list would be complete without the Bumbo! We (and every other parent out there) love the Bumbo Multi Seat’s easy to use, functional design that grows along with your child. Removable tray makes meal time cleanup a breeze! The 3 point harness keeps your little one secure. We love how versatile it is! Use as a floor seat, feeding seat, or booster seat.

We would love to hear your thoughts on these products or some of your must-have baby gear in the comments! And make sure to check back because we will be sharing more about these products once we’ve had a chance to really test them out!

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28 Jul

Summer Nostalgia | Mer Mag + Wren & James Collaboration

It’s a Friday during summer so that always means we are headed into a few days of summer fun activities + spending time with our families! We thrilled to introduce a special collaboration between two of our favorites, Merrilee Liddiard Dolls and Wren & James which recently launched! Both Kiley and Mer share a love for simple nostalgic play and well made children’s fashion. This brought them together to create ‘Summer Nostalgia’ a collection of playful and classic pinafores with handmade heirloom dolls dressed to match! This collection captures those care free, endless summer days spent at carnivals and boardwalk beaches. It invites littles ones to take along their matching oversized dolls with them in creating their own nostalgic summer memories.  We of course are smitten! See more from this collection below!

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26 Jul

A New Take on Prenatal Vitamins

As mentioned previously we are going to be spending the next couple weeks talking everything about maternity + newborns while we wait for the newest baby boy to join the Little Peanut family! So let’s dive right in and talk about something we’ve never talked about here on LP… prenatal vitamins. We know, we know. There’s not really a whole lot of excitement that comes along with taking vitamins every day but we here to tell you that it’s time to get excited! There are so many options when it comes to prenatal vitamins these days and if your first visit to your OB when you found out you were prego was anything like ours then you walked away with tons of samples to try out. While it’s important that you are just taking some kind of prenatal vitamin while you are pregnant, they aren’t all created (or packaged) the same!

Bringing a baby to term puts a real set of nutritional demands on your body. Taking prenatals helps support your developing baby and your own body with critical nutrients like folate for neural tube development, iron to support the additional blood circulating, and choline which is essential for brain development. Today we are sharing a couple of our favorite innovated prenatal vitamins that are changing the game + sharing some quick tips about taking prenatals!

What benefit does a prenatal give me over a regular vitamin?

One of the major focuses of a prenatal formula is to ensure that moms-to-be get enough folate, aka vitamin B9. Folate is necessary to prevent spinal cord development issues in the developing fetus and helps impact a developing baby even in the earliest stages of pregnancy. For this reason, anyone looking to become pregnant or currently pregnant should take a prenatal that includes a healthy dose of folate. Recent studies demonstrate that methylfolate, a naturally-occurring and bioavailable source of folate, may be the ideal form over plain folic acid, which is synthetic and can create absorption issues for some individuals.

When should I start taking a prenatal vitamin?

It’s a good idea to take prenatal vitamins throughout your pregnancy, but the earlier the better! Certain nutrients, like folic acid, can help with your baby’s development in the earliest stages of pregnancy, but it’s important throughout all the phases of your baby’s development to get the essential prenatal nutrients.

Will prenatal vitamins make me feel nauseous?

Many women experience nausea during their pregnancy – and the term “morning sickness” is a bit of a misnomer since it can happen at any time during the day. Our prenatal formulation is designed to be gentle on the stomach, so it’s unlikely to worsen nausea you may be feeling. Taking your prenatal with a meal can lessen the likelihood that you feel nausea related to taking your vitamins. If you do feel nauseous when you take supplements, let us know and reach out to your doctor as well to create a plan to get the nutrients you need.

When should I take my prenatal vitamins?

We advise taking your prenatals with a meal, and it’s a good idea to choose a consistent meal time to ensure regular dosing and that you don’t miss a day. The goal is just to take your prenatal on a daily basis, and it’s perfectly fine to take both your prenatals at the same time with the same meal.

One brand that really sets itself apart in creating a personalized prenatal vitamin is Care/of. We were instantly impressed when opening our first box and noticing that everything was personalized! Even the cute little packets say “Made for Megan” on each one! So what’s the difference between this brand and every other brand out there you ask? Quality meets convenience and all at a reasonable price! Each packet comes with all the essential vitamins you need contently packaged in a little pouch that you take daily. We really love that you can easily through a pack in your bag and take with you anywhere and you don’t have to worry about carrying a bunch of bottles or bags with different pills. The prenatal nutrients are made from the best ingredients + no need to replenish different pill bottles that run out at different times!

Along with the prenatal vitamin you can customize your daily packet to include other important vitamins for expecting moms such as calcium, iron, probiotic blend, fish oil and a veggie omega.

Another great option that also comes in the cute little daily package that we are obsessed with is Forte Elements. We already mentioned this but really we must say it again because we love it so much… the little packages that include everything you need to take each day are so convenient and we love not having 3-4 different pill bottles that have different amounts in them to deal with! The Forte Elements Prenatal Pack includes 16 vitamins and minerals, more than other prenatal and multivitamins and supports energy levels, immune system, and heart + brain health. We also love that they not only offer vital nourishment for you and your baby during your pregnancy but they also offer a Postnatal Supplements  that include 35+ vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants carefully designed to help a woman feel energized and heal faster after giving birth. It supports your metabolism and nutrition as your body heals. And if you are nursing Forté Postnatal gives your baby the nutrition it needs to grow and fully develop + gives you peace of mind knowing you and your baby are receiving proper nutrition.

We hope this post gives you a new look at the boring old prenatal vitamin and we highly recommend either one of these options when it comes to supplementing your body with the nutrients you need during pregnancy + after!

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12 Jul

Summer Denim Maternity Looks | Ripe Maternity

If you’ve been following along our instagram you probably noticed that our editor, Megan Bailey, is currently prego with her third boy! We are getting so excited to welcome a new little babe to the Little Peanut family and have a bunch of maternity + newborn related features coming at you over the next month! Today, Megan is talking a little bit about summer maternity fashion and some of her favorite pieces from Ripe Maternity!

“So let me start out by first saying that I have big babies! I’m talking 9lb. babies and I’m only 5 feet tall! My husband is really tall and was a big baby so I have him to thank for my big boys! With that being said I carry my babes all out in front and by the end my belly really just gets so big! It looks cute but it for sure has it’s challenges especially when finding maternity clothing that fits + also looks stylish! I wish I could say that I can just buy bigger sizes in regular clothing (it works for maybe the first couple of months) but the truth is I have to get pieces that are fit specifically for mamas with bumps to actually cover my bump + also feel comfortable. And with it being the dead of summer I’ve been living in comfortable summer dresses, tee + shorts! Check out some of my favorite denim inspired pieces from Ripe Maternity below! They also carry so many great denim jean and short options that you must check out!”

SOURCES: straw hat | chambray dress | bandana | lace-up sandals

Here are more looks from Ripe Maternity that I’m loving this summer!

Look One | Look Two | Look Three | Look Four

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04 Jul

Blood Orange Margaritas

Our favorite day of summer is finally here and are so ready to celebrate! We’ve been fully enjoying the longer days + warm summer nights spent with our families. This is the time for gatherings + BBQs so of course we are pulling out some of our favorite summer drinks perfect for any summer get-together! Raise your hand if you love a good margarita… it’s one of our all time favorite drinks but today we are sharing a fun + festive spin on it! Blood Orange Margaritas for the win friends! Recipe below + enjoy!


– 2 ounces silver/blanco tequila
– 2 ounces fresh blood orange juice (about 1 large blood orange, juiced)
– 1 ounce fresh lime juice (about 1 lime, juiced)
– 1 teaspoon light agave nectar
– 1 tiny drop pure vanilla extract (optional)

– 2 ounces silver/blanco tequila
– 2 ounces fresh blood orange juice (about 1 large blood orange, juiced)
– 1 ounce fresh lime juice (about 1 lime, juiced)
– 1 teaspoon light agave nectar
– 1 tiny drop pure vanilla extract (optional)


1. Mix together the salt and sugar on a small plate (preferably one just slightly larger than the top of your margarita glass). Run a wedge of lime around the top of your glass. Dip the top of the glass into the salt blend at a 45-degree angle and roll it from side to side to catch the salt. Add ice cubes to your glass and set it aside.

2. Fill a small cocktail shaker with ice. Pour in the tequila, freshly squeezed blood orange and lime juice and agave nectar. If desired, add a drop of vanilla extract (don’t pour it straight from the bottle, I used the blunt end of a fork as a dropper).

3. Put on the lid and shake for 30 seconds. Strain the liquid into your glass and garnish with a slice of blood orange, if desired.

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30 Jun

Travel | The A Frame Haus

With it being a holiday weekend and lost of people planning to head out of town and maybe even do a little camping we thought it was only fitting to share one of our favorite new vacation (or staycation) spots! We recently stayed at the A Frame Haus in Heber, UT which is actually about an hour drive from our house but it felt like we were in a whole other area! Nothing like getting away for a few nights! As you can tell from the pictures this cabin has been very nicely renovated and equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay in the mountains! We loved that it had a full sized kitchen and came with everything you needed to cook meals right there at the cabin if you didn’t want to leave! It truly was the perfect place to unwind and spend quality time with the family. But the location is also only about 5 minutes away from the small town with great family friendly restaurants if you wanted to venture into town as well!

The space includes 3 bedrooms with queen size beds in them, two full bathrooms, a big open kitchen + living room space, a tv room upstairs and our personal favorite… a cute little loft for the little peanuts to play in! You can check out all the amenities HERE and we highly suggest checking out this place for your next family getaway!

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