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19 Oct

Max and Moose Treeline Collection

If you’ve ever had a baby then you’ve for sure know the term “Swaddle Blanket” and most likely even swaddled one or more of your babes. For us swaddling our babies has been such a life saver and helped our … Continue reading

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21 Sep

Meet Baby Behr

It’s time that we officially introduce you all to the newest member of the Little Peanut Family, Behrett “Behr” Bailey! Our sweet little nugget was born on August 14, 2017 at 8:05 in the morning weighing 7.8 ounces and 20 … Continue reading

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11 Aug

Megan’s Baby Bump | Maternity Photos

Monday is the day! We will be welcoming the newest addition to the Little Peanut family and we are literally going stir crazy just waiting for this sweet babe finally be here! But before he does arrive, I wanted to … Continue reading

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07 Aug

Organic Skincare for Expecting Moms

Happy Monday! In exactly one week we will be welcoming our third baby boy into the Little Peanut Family and I’m feeling ALL the emotions! We are so excited and also so nervous! Will this new little guy be like … Continue reading

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01 Aug

Must Have Baby Gear from buybuy BABY

A couple weeks ago we were invited partner with + spend our Friday night date night at our local buybuy BABY store and shop for baby the best baby products for our new baby boy who is almost here! It’s … Continue reading

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28 Jul

Summer Nostalgia | Mer Mag + Wren & James Collaboration

It’s a Friday during summer so that always means we are headed into a few days of summer fun activities + spending time with our families! We thrilled to introduce a special collaboration between two of our favorites, Merrilee Liddiard Dolls and Wren & James which … Continue reading

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26 Jul

A New Take on Prenatal Vitamins

As mentioned previously we are going to be spending the next couple weeks talking everything about maternity + newborns while we wait for the newest baby boy to join the Little Peanut family! So let’s dive right in and talk … Continue reading

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12 Jul

Summer Denim Maternity Looks | Ripe Maternity

If you’ve been following along our instagram you probably noticed that our editor, Megan Bailey, is currently prego with her third boy! We are getting so excited to welcome a new little babe to the Little Peanut family and have … Continue reading

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04 Jul

Blood Orange Margaritas

Our favorite day of summer is finally here and are so ready to celebrate! We’ve been fully enjoying the longer days + warm summer nights spent with our families. This is the time for gatherings + BBQs so of course … Continue reading

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30 Jun

Travel | The A Frame Haus

With it being a holiday weekend and lost of people planning to head out of town and maybe even do a little camping we thought it was only fitting to share one of our favorite new vacation (or staycation) spots! … Continue reading

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