24 Jun

Birth Story Video {Baby Blake}

We have shared a few birth story’s on SLP and we are completely smitten with this idea of having the birth of your sweet little peanut documented. Not only because you can have those memories to cherish forever, but also so you and your man don’t have to worry about taking pictures and can just enjoy the special day. Today we are sharing baby Blake’s birth story video by the talented Jared Wortley with OneILove Media. If you are like us and think birth story images are beautiful and tear tearjerkers wait until you watch this sweet video that really is the perfect way to start off this week! We love how the waiting and the anticipation was documented… all of the emotions and thoughts that are going through your head when you are waiting to meet your sweet babe. Images are amazing but the power of video and to be able to capture the first cry of your baby is seriously breathtaking. This video is a must watch and we know you wont be able to get to far into it without shedding some tears!


We want to know your thoughts on birth stories and having them photographed or videoed. Which would you prefer? Would you chose to have the birth of your baby documented professionally? Did you do a birth story and what was your experience? We would love to hear from you!



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  1. Cassie says:

    Love this! I am due in 8 weeks and have my photographer (helps that she’s my best friend) all lined up. Hopefully we can add some video footage too, I liked this touch!

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