25 May

Lullubee Coloring Murals

We have always been drawn to anything artistic and feel the need to spread that love to our children. Craft projects not only entertain our children but it also helps them to grow + learn fine motor skills and build … Continue reading

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28 Apr

Munchkin At Play

Watching our little ones grow + develop along the way brings so much joy to a parent.  With that it’s nice to give them every advantage that you can.  As you know we are huge supporters of Munchkin around here and we love … Continue reading

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20 Apr

Tea Party with Munchkin

Much of our day consists of taking care + trying to entertain our little peanuts. In this crazy day and age of electronics and smart phone we sometimes forget how important it is to slow down and enjoy traditional + imaginative play. It … Continue reading

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06 Jan

A ROAR-tastic Day! | Adventuring to the Prehistoric

One of the many joys of being a parent is getting to explore + experience new things through your child’s eyes.  To be able to share in their joy + excitement is pure heaven! Today we have the oh so … Continue reading

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04 Jun

Tubby Time with Munchkin

Rub-a-dub-dub! Little Munchkin’s in the tub! If your little peanuts are anything like ours they are constantly wanting to get in the tubby. Doesn’t matter the time of day, they just want to get in and play! And let’s be … Continue reading

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02 Jun


Give this classic craft new life by making your own colorful noodles! This is the perfect activity to do during those long summer months when the kids are out of school and you’ve already been to the pool every day that week! Using dry … Continue reading

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17 Mar

St. Patrick’s Day Mosaic Shamrock Art

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We are excited to celebrate one of our favorite colors and if you need an easy and fun activity to do today we’ve got you covered! Grab some green and white paper, scissors and glue and … Continue reading

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15 Jan

20 ways to entertain your littles during winter

During these long winter months it can be difficult to entertain the littles in your house.  It isn’t always as simple as “go outside and play”.  Well we have come up with a list to help out with this dilemma. … Continue reading

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22 Dec

Reindeer Pops {DIY}

Happy Monday and can you believe Christmas is just a couple of days away!?  Well this week we thought it would be fun to revisit some of our past holiday favorite posts. Today we wanted to share our Reindeer Pops … Continue reading

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17 Nov

Baking With Grandma + Grandpa {Christmas Cards}

We are so excited to start the week off by sharing this charming Christmas card with you.  Getting Christmas cards is always so much fun and as you prepare to plan yours for this year possibly think outside the box. … Continue reading

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