15 Dec

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls + Boys

This year our little peanuts are all at such a fun age and are so excited for Christmas. It’s safe to say they’ve had their lists for Santa filled out since October and the anticipation of finding out what Santa … Continue reading

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13 Dec

Baby Holiday Guift Guide

We are in the holiday gift giving spirit and this week we are sharing our favorite gifts for everyone in the family! Today is all about the little baby! If you’ve been struggling on the perfect gift for that little peanut … Continue reading

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12 Oct

Master Bedroom Makeover | Modern Boho Style

When you’ve lived in your home for 10 years like we have there comes a point when it’s time for a renovation, re-model, face-lift… whatever you want to call! Trends change, colors changes and it just feels good to change … Continue reading

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11 Oct

Wildbird Baby Slings | Fall Collection

Cuddling up close to your baby in a sling is a wonderful way to get to know the baby in your life and for the baby to get to know you! This will bring you closer to your little ones physically and … Continue reading

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19 Sep

Fall Backyard Dinner with Tableluxe

Fall is secretly our favorite time of year to host backyard dinners! The weather is a little cooler and more enjoyable + the colors of this season are just so beautiful! We hosted a little backyard dinner with Tableluxe + some … Continue reading

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15 Sep

Baby Safety Month with Munchkin

Parents take every precaution when it comes to protecting their little ones. From baby proofing the house to what goes into their tiny little bodies. It’s easy as parents to be overly concerned about every little detail but luckily for us there are … Continue reading

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12 Aug

Back to School Lunchbox Styling Contest

We are getting ready (kind of) for our kiddos to head back to school next week… is summer vacation really over? Fastest summer yet. It is a little hard to face the reality but non the less we are starting … Continue reading

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04 Aug

Fawn Design | Bags for the Modern Parent

We couldn’t be more thrilled for the success of our friend Jenny Wecker owner of Fawn Design. We love hearing stories about other mother’s who are working hard to be business women + raising families. Jenny is one of the … Continue reading

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14 Jul

Stekki Bebe | Waterproof Baby Wraps

Baby wearing has become such a huge phenomenon over the past couple of years which is due in part to revambed + better products on the market that both mom + baby love. The goal of baby wearing is to help make … Continue reading

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12 Jul

Promptly Journals

Don’t let the details be forgotten! As mother’s we notice all the beautiful details in our babies, from the shape of their toes, to the number of cowlicks on their head, to their favorite blanket. And we all know to … Continue reading

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