15 Jan

20 ways to entertain your littles during winter

During these long winter months it can be difficult to entertain the littles in your house.  It isn’t always as simple as “go outside and play”.  Well we have come up with a list to help out with this dilemma.

LPM Winter Entertainment_Sugar Cookies

1.  Make sugar cookies – littles love to help out in the kitchen so what better than to make, bake, and decorate some yummy sugar cookies.

2.   Sock puppets – everyone has those mystery, single soul socks that get eaten by the dryer, what better way to put them to use than create sock puppets!  Decorate with random things found around the house; buttons, ribbon, paint, leftover fabric.

3.  Potato stamping art create fun and inventive stamps out of potatoes, add some bright paint colors and before you know it your littles will be able to create gorgeous works of art.

4.  Build an indoor fort –  get out the blankets, pillows, couch cushions and your little will be in fort heaven.

5.  Homemade play dough – what is more fun than playing with play dough … making it yourself!  There are so many colors and flavors you can create out there so go crazy.


6.  Terrarium build your very own terrarium with tiny trinkets your little can find around the house.

7.  Bath tub paint throw on some swimsuits and have a little bath tub painting party.

8.  Indoor picnic – pack your lunches and head to a blanket on the living room floor.  Your littles will love the unique take on lunch indoors.

9.  Time capsule – have your littles collect some fun little mementos around the house, write a little letter on what is going on currently in their lives, what they want to be, what their interests are, and put it all in a jar and bury once it gets warmer.

10.  Write snail mail – get some paper, markers, crayons, stickers, and an envelope and have your little write an old fashioned letter to a friend or relative.  They will have fun sending it and even more fun getting one in return.


11.  Create crystalized snowflakes  your littles will go crazy over this dazzling science project creating their very own snowflake.

12.  Watercolor art this fun watercolor art project will have your littles creating their very own “Van Goghs” to hang up on the fridge or in their rooms.

13.  Dress up – bring out old costumes or rummage through mom and dad’s closet and your littles will love having some old fashioned dress up fun.

14.  Dream board collage –  pull out those old magazines, some colored paper, glue and have your littles create their very own dream board with the images they find in the magazines.

15.  Movie marathon – create or print off some movie tickets, pop some popcorn, lay out a blanket and play some of your favorite family friendly movies.


16.  Personal pizzas your littles will love making these darling, edible pizzas and you can kill two birds with one stone and have dinner all made.

17.  Dance party – turn on some tunes and have your littles bust out their original moves. Not only is it a ton of fun but as an added bonus it may wear them out for nap time later.

18.  Make a movie – write a script, cast the parts, put on costumes and make-up, and let your littles film their very own movie.

19.  Indoor treasure hunt – get out the treasure map and have your littles go around the house scavenging for clues to find the buried treasure.

20.  DIY snow globes your littles will love creating their very own mystical, winter wonderland snow globes.


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