15 Aug

Back to School DIY Striped Pencils

We’ve got back to school on our minds since our little preschool boy has his first ever day of school next week! Even if your little peanuts have already started school we are sharing a fun DIY craft using #2 pencils! Why not add a little hipness to your Back to School accessories right? Plus this is a fun craft that your little ones can get involved with as well!


All you need is some pencils, masking tape and craft acrylic paint. Use the masking tape to create different striped widths and then let your little peanuts help you paint over the yellow pencil parts with their favorite paint colors. Let them dry for about 30 minutes and then remove the tape stripes to revile your fun striped patterns! Add a fun colored eraser tip and your peanuts will love writing with their new pumped up pencils!


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