29 Aug

DIY Car Magnets

Our little peanuts are now into their second week of school and are already bringing home tons of beautiful artwork to fill up our fridges! We were just thinking that we needed to go and buy more magnets to hold everything and then decided to make a little craft project out of it and use some of our old toys! This project is so easy + fun and you can literally use any little toys you have laying around. Think old happy meal toys or little animal figures?! Transforming an old toys look and giving it a new job can really bring it back to life and create a fun way to showcase your little peanuts  artwork!


We took a couple of our old hot wheels cars and spruced them up a bit with some spray paint colors that we had left over from another craft project. The activity of actually spraying the cars was probably the most exciting part and our little peanuts wanted to help hold the spray can and give their cars a new paint job! If you really wanted to get fancy you could even hand paint your cars or figurines with acrylic paint and a small paint brush. Add a dab of hot glue onto a small magnet and stick it to the back of your toy. Your little peanuts will get a kick out of seeing their new and improved toys stuck to your fridge and have a blast hanging their school projects from them!


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