02 Jun


Give this classic craft new life by making your own colorful noodles! This is the perfect activity to do during those long summer months when the kids are out of school and you’ve already been to the pool every day that week!

Using dry noodles, put a handful into a large ziplock baggie. Add a tablespoons of vinegar and a couple drops of food coloring. Shake, shake, shake until all of the noodles are coated with coloring. Let the colored noodles air-dry on a cookie sheet. Repeat above steps for each colors. Once all the noodles are dry let your little peanuts have fun + get creative making their own colorful noodle necklaces!

Little_Peanut_Magazine_Colored_Noodles_Kids_Craft_4 Little_Peanut_Magazine_Colored_Noodles_Kids_Craft_2 Little_Peanut_Magazine_Colored_Noodles_Kids_Craft_3 Little_Peanut_Magazine_Colored_Noodles_Kids_Craft_1

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