24 Jan

DIY Easy Screen Printing

We have seen so many fun tutorials on pinterest and images on instagram of moms trying their hand at fabric paint and making their own patterned leggings and shirts… so we had to give it a try ourselves! We found a super easy peasy DIY screen printing example online and thought it would be the perfect fit for a busy mom wanting to experiment with fabric paint design! We decided to make our own designed onesies and leggings and are now addicted! These would make for perfect baby shower gifts as well!


– Onesie, leggings or clothing item {we got our leggings at Wal Mart and love how tight fitting they are!}
– Fabric paint {we used the Tulip soft fabric paint found at Michaels }
– Sticker paper {you can find at any office supply store}
– Paint brush
– Craft knife {we love the craft knife by Martha Stewart}

Trace a pattern on the sticker paper or design something on your computer and print it out on the sticker paper. Cut it out using the craft knife or you can also use scissors. Leave an edge around the design and peel of the back of the sticker paper and adherer to the fabric. Make sure the shape edges are smoothed down with no bubbles or wrinkles.

Paint the shape using the fabric paint and don’t worry about going onto the paper a little. This will actually help make sure you get paint all the way to the edge. For darker fabrics using light paint you will want to wait 30 minutes and add another coat of paint.

Peal the sticker paper off after 1 hour. The paint will be completely dry after 4 hours. Have fun experimenting with fun colors and shapes! Older kids can even do this fun project with you!

We hope this inspires you to give fabric paint design a try! We want to know how this processed worked for you and want to see pictures! Tag us in your photos on facebook and instagram!

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