30 Sep

Fall Leaf Kids Art Project

It’s probably safe to say that we have quickly fallen in love with fall and everything that comes with it! Just the other day we went on a little nature walk in the mountains with our little peanuts. The fresh air was just what we needed and the kiddos loved doing something out of their normal routine and environment. There were so many new things to see including the changing colors and all of the fall leafs that instantly became a favorite to collect. We collected all different shapes and sizes and colors… the red one’s were our favorite! It really was a beautiful day and just what we needed to let loose and refresh a bit. We highly recommend it! Even if you don’t live near the mountains you can still do a fun nature walk at a local park or field. Let your little peanuts have fun collecting all sorts of fun fall objects like sticks, acorns, rocks and leafs.


So the next question is what to do with all your fall treasures once you have them home? Well we decided to make art pieces out of our leafs so we could display them around our home all season long! We gave our kids a plate with fall colored paint and let them paint the back of the leafs. The great thing about this art project is the more the colors get mixed around the better + prettier! Next stamp the leafs down on card stock and push down all of the edges of the leaf to get a good shape. Lift up the leaf and now you have one beautiful leaf print! We really could have done this all afternoon. Yes painting can get a little messy but if you set up a good space for it on your table with newspaper it’s totally worth it!


*TIP – if you are not going to be painting your leafs the same day you gather them, put them in a sealed baggy so they don’t dry out and crinkle.


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