19 Apr

Little Peanut Terrarium Project

TGIF! Today we have a fun little project for your little peanuts that is the perfect activity for spring and can even be a unique gift to give to grandma for mothers day! Today we are talking about kid terrariums! A terrarium is a miniature landscape with living plants and even sometimes small animals like lizards or turtles. We posted a fun woodland birthday party a few weeks ago where they made their own mini terrariums and it inspired us to try it out for  our selves! This easy learning project gets little explorers out in the field in search of natural treasures like rocks and plants and gives them a special place to create their own little habitat!



– A wide, clear container or jar
– Little rocks
– Activated carbon {found at the pet store}
– Potting soil
– Moss and plants
– Little frog & turtle figurines
– Wooden pegs to make mushrooms



We recommend using succulent plants and cactuses because they are really low maintenance and require little water. They are the perfect first plant for a little peanut to take care of! We painted the little wooden pegs red and added white polka dots using the end of the paint brush to make dots. These add a fun touch of color to the terrarium plus mushrooms have special magic!




– Cover the bottom of the container with an inch of pebbles.
– Add a layer of activated carbon to help with odors, top it with 3 inches of soil, and create your garden from the stones, moss, and small plants you’ve found
– Mist the terrarium until the soil is moist but not wet
– Add decorations and animals!


And that’s it! Now your little peanuts have their very own plant and animal terrarium to put in their room and take care of!  Have fun making different sized terrariums and using different animals and plants! We would love to see your terrarium! Tag us in your pictures on facebook and instagram so we can leave some love!

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