25 May

Lullubee Coloring Murals

We have always been drawn to anything artistic and feel the need to spread that love to our children. Craft projects not only entertain our children but it also helps them to grow + learn fine motor skills and build their imagination. Lullubee creates high quality crafts for children to enjoy the pleasures of creating things with their own hands and we are in love with their Giant Murals! These murals are 5 feet of coloring fun and offer plenty of coloring space. Printed on kraft paper these giant murals are perfect for a table runner at your next party, pin it to the wall for a play date or lay it on the floor for quite time. We know your little peanuts will love Lullubee’s coloring murals as much as ours do!

IMG_3131 IMG_3162 IMG_3146 IMG_3179 IMG_3172 IMG_3211 IMG_3200 IMG_3222 IMG_3284 IMG_3269 IMG_3273 IMG_3287 IMG_3297

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