22 Jan

Watercolor Snowflake Art

This week we are so excited to be at Alt Summit and to be able to host a party for them on Friday night! We’ve been busy prepping for our event which is a watercolor themed party and we thought it was only fitting to share one of our craft ideas from our current magazine issue. Watercolor snowflakes! We clearly have a love for watercolor and so do our little peanuts!  Painting is a perfect way to keep your littles entertained during these cold winter/early spring months. To creat watercolor snowflakes put strips of craft tape on a watercolor canvas or paper. Let your little peanuts have fun making their own unique snowflake shapes. Then take your watercolor paint of choice and paint right over the tape. Let it dry and carefully remove the tape. Now you have a beautiful work of snowflake art! Hang + enjoy!







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