23 Jan

You Are “SEW” Loved {DIY Valentine}

Today we are so thrilled to have guest blogger, Haley Kjar, with PS I Adore You and Life is Sweet sharing a super cute DIY Valentine project with us! We just adore Haley and her sweet family! Haley is the blog editor for the incredible site PS I Adore You which brings awareness to childhood cancer by offering fresh, on-trend items for sale on their site. They’ve created a platform to shine a light on courageous children battling their disease and your purchases fund the fight!


Haley has designed these darling “You are SEW Loved” valentines that you can download and re-create with your little peanuts! Perfect to give out to friends and family for Valentine’s Day! Directions and downloads below!


Hi Sweet Little Peanut readers! I’m grateful to take up a little space here on this lovely blog. 🙂 Whether you’re looking for a Valentine to make and send to grandparents, a Valentine’s activity to do at school, or a fun way to keep little hand busy at home, here’s something for you! xo


Heart Printables (or colored paper and marker if you want to create your own)
White scrapbook paper or card stock (thicker than printer paper)
Glue stick
Duck tape (scotch tape or painters tape would work too)
** You can print the printables at home, or order them as photos. I printed them through Costco Photo as 8×8’s, in a “lustre” finish, and made sure that near the end of my ordering process, I edited my “Print Options” so that they are NOT being “autocorrected” or it will change the colors.
Step 1: Cut out the hearts.
Step 2: Use your glue stick to adhere the heart to the white paper (I used scrapbook paper).
Step 3: Cut around the heart. I had about a ⅔” trim around the large hearts and about ½” trim around the smaller ones.
Step 4: Hole-punch it! I didn’t measure along the way, but they are about ⅔” apart on the big hearts and ¼” on the small hearts. I did try to make sure that the holes were closer to the heart than the edge of the white paper so that as much yarn as possible shows. 🙂
Step 5: Thread/create your “needle” by taking a small piece of duck tape and rolling it around the end of the yarn. Perfect for little, helping hands. Learned this trick from my mom when I was little and we’d make fruit loop necklaces. 🙂
Step 6: Thread (or “loop-de-loop” as my son says) the yarn around the Valentine! I must admit it took a little longer than I anticipated with my little 3 year old at first, but once he got focused he was a loop-de-looping pro. And it made for some good Mommy-son time. 🙂
Step 7: Take the start and end of the yarn and tie a small, but tight, knot in the back. Then cut the two tails very close to the knot so it’s not very noticeable. The back is where a message can be written or a picture can be drawn for your Valentine recipient!
And ta-da!
Thank you for having me Sweet Little Peanut! And Happy Valentine’s everyone!
DOWNLOAD PRINTABLES: Heart Printable 1 | Heart Printable 2

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2 Responses to You Are “SEW” Loved {DIY Valentine}

  1. Natalie says:

    Hi! This is such a cute creative craft and I printed out the hearts but I’m wondering how did you get BIG ones? I only am getting four small printed on each page at home. Is it something to do with ordering sizes? Is that why you did Costco. I don’t have one by me but I have a photo center. Would I just have it printed there to the sizes I would like? Thank you for sharing this craft.

  2. Jen says:

    Natalie: I printed large ones using the Poster option under the sizing tab on my printer, I hope that helps 😉

    Haley and Heather, these are AWESOME! I was already going to do a project with my son’s Kindergarten class involving yarn, because I have a ton, and I just needed a little encouragement in a cute direction. This idea was the perfect fit for me.

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