13 Nov

Baby Boy Style by Natalie with Hello Copeland

We can never get too much of children’s fashion!  I’m sure most mom’s will agree with me that it is a lot more fun to dress our little ones than it is ourselves.  Today we are so very excited to have the darling Natalie from Hello Copeland sharing some fall fashion for her cute, little peanut Copeland.


Good morning! I’m Natalie from Hello Copeland and I’m so exited to share this baby boy styled guest post today on Sweet Little Peanut! I love dressing and styling my little guy and have really loved finding new and unique items for him! Let’s be real for a minute though, Copeland is usually running around the house in a one-piece but on the days when he is out running errands with me or the weekends when we’re out as a family, It’s fun to get him all spiffed up. I put together this style board for some inspiration and tips on how you can easily style and accessorize the little gents in your life. So let’s get right into it!


Hats. Hats are so fun! Copeland has been wearing hats since the day he came home from the hospital. Whether it was a little knit beanie or a flat brim baseball cap, this kid loves his hats. Not only is this such a fun way to accessorize an outfit but it helps protect their little heads from the elements as well!


Layers. Now that it is getting cooler outside as winter is right around the corner, layering is a great way to keep your little dude warm and stylish. When I layer Copeland’s clothing I’ll start with either a one-piece or basic tee, add a cardigan or button up shirt and top it off with a fun jacket. This is great for winter because you can shed the layers easily once you get inside.


Texture . I love finding pieces with texture to add some interest to an outfit. The jeans pictured for example: I love the grey wash with the added suspenders. They are so fun and playful but different than your basic blue jeans.


Shoes. There are some really great styles out right now in little boys shoes! I’ll admit, baby shoes are a definite splurge for me, since they grow out of them so fast. But if it’s for a special occasion I’d definitely be tempted to spend a little extra on unique kicks for my little guy.


Mix and Match. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces, textures and patterns! Copeland has a few accessory items (e.g., hats, suspenders, scarves) and I will mix and match those pieces with different outfits to create a whole new outfit or look.


Save vs. Splurge. I’m always tempted by baby and toddler clothing. It’s just so little and so cute! But all those pieces can definitely start adding up. Something I do to save on baby clothing is try to only shop during major sales. Baby Gap and Zara Kids have great sales a few times a year and you can save a lot of money when you shop during those times. But of course, I’m sure other moms would agree that it’s so fun to splurge on our little ones, even more so than splurging on ourselves!


Thank you Sweet Little Peanut for letting me guest post for you today!


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