21 Apr

Envie de Fraise Maternity Wear

When it comes to maternity wear I am all about comfort!  I love to find basic pieces that will carry me through my pregnancy and a bit after as well, while also making me feel cute with a growing belly and all the other changes that happen to your body during pregnancy.  When I came across Envie de Fraise I knew I had found just that!  Envie de Fraise is a leading European maternity brand with a vision to create affordable, effortless chic clothing for every body type and style. With comfort in mind they design both trendy and essential pieces for the modern moms-to-be.  With their pieces I am able to stay comfortable and still look put-together whether I be out running errands, chasing around my 2 year old, or going out for a date night.  Envie de Fraise is definitely a company we would recommend to any mommy to be!

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