14 Aug

Fashion Friday | Fancy Frogz

It’s Friday and we are sure excited about it! It’s been one of those long weeks around these parts and we are ready to throw on some comfy clothes and let loose! Today we are featuring the clothing brand Fancy Frogz and we do feel pretty fancy when we are sporting these stylish + fun organic cotton threads! They just released their fall 15 line and we are so excited to help show it off! From superhero tees to panda bear leggings we know you will love them as much as we do!

LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_1 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_2 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_3 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_4 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_5 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_6 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_8 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_7 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_9 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_14 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_13 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_15 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_11 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_10 LittlePeanutMagazine_FancyFrogz_leggings_12

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