30 Jan

Le Petit Organic | Featuring Wolf + Rita

Happy Fashion Friday friends! Today we are so excited to share with you one of our favorite online children’s clothing boutiques, Le Petit Organic. We had the opportunity to style these littles for a fun + quirky shoot featuring the designer  Wolf + Rita.

Wolf + Rita embraces the use of old techniques and the natural expertise when it comes to designing clothes for boys and girls. Their collection combines simple and sophisticated design with high-quality fabrics and manufacturing, combining both classical and latest trends and styles. They want parents to be able to choose stylish clothing for their children, just as they would choose for themselves.

When it comes to fashion for our little peanuts we love the use of fun color combinations, unique silhouettes and of course easy to play in! Check out more ofLe Petit Organic’s new release of their SS15 collections! All of these darling shots were taken by our photographer, Becky Kimball!

LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_1 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_2 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_3 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_4 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_5 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_6 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_7 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_8 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_9 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_10 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_11 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_12 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_19 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_13 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_14 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_15 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_16 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_17 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_18 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_20 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_21 LittlePeanutMagazine_LePetitOrganic_22

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