13 Nov

Mommy + Me Fashion with Lucky Penny

Today on Fashion Friday we have Ana with Lucky Penny talking about her favorite fall fashion tips for momma and her two little girls and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

“Hi there! I’m Ana, mama of two sweet girls, Edith and Lilah, and a blogger at Lucky Penny. Though both of my girls were born in the Bay Area, we are happy to now call Brooklyn home. This time of year is gorgeous and we love taking advantage of the mild weather before winter really starts to settle in. On the weekends, we pick up bagels and fruit from our favorite deli and head down to a quiet corner of Prospect Park. The girls love being able to run free and jump in piles of crisp brightly colored leaves.

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We love dressing for this time of year. There are so many ways to mix patterns and textures when you have several layers to work with. The morning is always colder so having thick wool coats is important. But as the day goes on, being able to take off the coat and show off that cute romper or sweater underneath is really fun. Tights are also another great way to layer and Caramel Baby and Child makes my favorite for the girls. They always have the greatest colors and interesting texture to them. As for me, Madewell’s chunky knits can’t be beat.”

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