17 Nov

Yosi Samra A/W15 Girls Flats

It’s no secret we have a love for Yosi Samra shoes and we are seriously dying over the release of their new fall/winter line for little gals! They really are what every little girls dreams are made of: glitter, stars, studs and even more glitter! Besides being totally adorable we also love how comfy these foldable flats are + perfect for little feet. If you are looking the perfect gift for your little fashionista check out Yosi Samra’s shoes for girls!

Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-8 YosiSamra_girls_fall_flats_1 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-34 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-21 (1-4) Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-35 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-40 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-46 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-50 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-53 YosiSamra_girls_fall_flats_2b Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-65 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-70 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-77 YosiSamra_girls_fall_flats_3 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-81 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-86 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-83 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-95 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-92 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-99 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-101 Blush photography-YSKIDS-2015-winterline-106

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