24 Sep

Little Peanut Camping Dinners + Treats

One of the funnest parts of camping is making dinner and yummy treats over the campfire! Our little peanuts of course were memorized by the fire and thought it was a blast to be able to help cook their dinner! There are so many great options when it comes to tin foil dinners and we love how easy they are to cook while camping. For the kiddos dinner we made tin foil pizza pockets! All you need is pita pockets to hold your favorite pizza toppings, wrap them up in tin foil and let them heat up over the fire for about 15-20 minutes until the cheese is melted.  Easy as that! This delicious dinner is fun to make and yummy to eat! If you aren’t able to make it up the canyon for a camp out you could also do this at home in the backyard over a fire pit or grill.


Camping wouldn’t be complete without a sweet treat involving roasting marshmallows over the fire! To change things up a bit from the traditional s’more we made Snobrod, a Danish camp fire bread, by wrapping rhodes dough around a roasting stick like a snake to create a cone to hold mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, rolos, jam, hot-dogs or whatever you can think of! This is seriously delicious and not quite as messy as a s’more. The kids loved these and we can’t wait to try out other food combinations!


Check back tomorrow because we will be sharing a super fun camping craft that your little peanuts will absolutely love! Thank you again to our sweet + talented friend, Lindsey Orton, for the darling images!

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