23 Jul

Mini Corn Dog Pops {National Hot Dog Day}

Today is national hot dog day and it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t celebrate one of our little peanuts favorite foods! Hot dogs are a classic summer time BBQ staple and today we are sharing a great homemade mini corn dog pop recipe. Yes, we admit that we do the frozen corn dog thing for lunch from time to time and now that we’ve tried making them fresh at home… are kiddos are hooked! The best part is they are so easy to make with only a few ingredients! So grab some ketchup and mustard and dig in on National Hot Dog Day!



Start with slicing hot dogs in half and inserting sticks in the mini hot dogs. Next prepare the batter by mixing together your favorite pancake mix. Depending on how much batter you are wanting to make add a little corn meal (about 1/4 cup per 1 cup pancake mix) and a tsp. mustard powder and a tsp. paprika for flavor.



Once your batter is made dip your hot dog sticks into the batter and cover the entire hot dog with the batter. Let the extra batter drip off and then place them into your frying pan with hot oil. Rotate the stick around for a few seconds until you have created a gold brown crust around the hot dog sticks. Place them on a rack with some paper towels to drain and cool. Serve with your favorite condiments!


These corn dogs also freeze great so make some extra for lunch on another day! Enjoy and happy National Hot Dog Day!


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