23 Jun

Orange Coconut Cilantro Soda

The summer sun is out + it’s BBQ season which means it’s time to bring out the drinks! Lately we’ve had a thing for making our own fruit sodas and wanted to share that obsession with you all! If you need a little fizz in your drink but trying to go a bit healthier rout then this is the perfect option for you! And the options are endless! This Orange Coconut Cilantro Soda is as delicious as it is refreshing + how cute are these Swing Top Bottles from Shop Sweet Lulu?! We pull them out any chance we got and they are perfect for picnics in the park or a BBQ in your backyard! Find the recipe to make your own summer sodas below!

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The best thing about this recipe is you can’t go wrong! Have fun coming up with your own mixtures using different kinds of fruits and juices!

– Sparkling Water
– Fresh Oranges or Orange Juice
– Coconut Water
– Fresh Cilantro


Fill your glass of choice 3/4 full of sparkling water. Add your juice/fruit to your desired liking. Add a splash of coconut water and a little cilantro (you could also try rosemary, mint or basil). Stir up + sip and enjoy!

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