27 Aug

Yummy + Easy Mini Fruit Tarts

If you have been following SLP for a while now you will probably notice how much we love to use cupcake pans! Everything from making DIY bathtub paint…to mini taco bowls…to creative food displays for kids. Today we are sharing a super easy + yummy + darling mini fruit tart recipe made with sugar cookies and a mini cupcake pan! You heard it… we made these little tarts using sugar cookie dough and a few really simple directions! These mini creations are perfect for a birthday party or a baby shower. You can use a few drops of food coloring like we did to color coordinate to your party!


– {2} 8oz sweet cream mascarpone
– 4 Tablespoons lemon curd or lemon filling
– 1 roll refrigerated sugar cookie dough
– Fruit and berries of your choice
{makes 24 mini fruit tarts}


Preheat oven to 350*F.

Grease a mini cupcake pan and set aside.  Unwrap the cookie dough and cut into 1/4 inch disks. Smoosh each disk into the bottom of a cupcake cubby, leaving the tops flat.  Bake in the oven for about 10-12 minutes.

In the meantime, mix the mascarpone and lemon curd or filling in a small bowl.  You will notice that the mascarpone begins to thicken as you mix it. Add food coloring of choice or you can leave the classic creamy white. Place in the refrigerator.


Once the cookies are baked, leave in the cupcake pan and let cool.  Once cooled, carefully pull out the cookies and place on a plate. Get out your lemony-mascarpone and scoop out about a tablespoon into each mini cookie bowl. Neatly place your fruit of choice on the top of each tart. Enjoy!


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