15 Apr

3 Fun Kid Recipes for PEEPS!

You can’t talk about Easter without talking about Peeps and you either love them or you hate them. We love them in small amounts but there is something sure enticing about their sparkly fluffiness which makes them the perfect treat for little peanuts! Today we are sharing 3 cute + yummy ways to use Peeps this Easter!


If you are like us you end up with a few too many boxes of Peeps and they end up going to waist. Well we’ve got the perfect solution… Peep S’mores! Can we just say genius + delicious! These sugary and colorful marshmallows make for the perfect alternative to this classic treat and your peanuts will go crazy over them! We sure did! Just place your bottom layer graham cracker with some chocolate and a peep in the microwave for 20 seconds and then top it off with another graham cracker layer! Get really creative with our recipe for homemade graham crackers!



We took another little twist on a classic treat with these cups of chocolate pudding and Peeps! This is such a fun dessert to serve at your Easter parties and so easy to make! Just take your favorite chocolate pudding and fill up mini glasses almost to the top with the pudding. Then add a layer of smashed up Oreo cookies to look like dirt. To make edible grass take shredded coconut in a bowl and add several drops of green food coloring until the coconut has reached your desired color. Top off the jar with your grass, a colorful peep and some jellybeans and there you have it! Your little peeps will have so much fun eating garden style pudding!



This last idea is a fun treat your kiddos can take to their friends at school or in your neighborhood. So simple to put together yet so cool! Add our PEEPS for my peeps free printable tag to a bag with a couple bunny peeps and you look like you have totally got this mom thing down! DOWNLOAD HERE!



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  1. Emily K says:

    I loooooove the pudding in the jar idea! So neat! You’re a creative one 🙂

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