24 Dec

DIY Rudolph Antlers

Happy Christmas Eve friends! We hope you are all enjoying as much of this magical time with your little peanuts! Today we are bringing back one of our all time favorite holiday crafts to share with you one last festive feature before we head into the holiday weekend with our families.

This craft is just so darling and also so easy to do! The perfect activity to do today with your family at home or at your Christmas parties!  All you need is some colored paper or construction paper, a longer strip of paper to wrap around your peanuts head, craft glue, sequence for decorating and red circle stickers for their noses. This cute peanut, Max, traced his own hands on the paper but for the smaller ones you can help them trace their hands {they get a kick out of this!} Help them cut out their hands and then let them decorate them with the sequence if they choose. Glue the hands onto the band and then glue the sized band ends together. Add the red sticker to the nose and you have the cutest little reindeer you ever saw!

For some extra fun let your little Rudolph’s play around and make funny faces as you snag a few pictures of them. We would love to see your little peanuts turn into reindeer! Tag us on facebook or instagram with your pics!

Merry Christmas to you all! We will be back just after the holiday with some really excited news!!







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