17 Mar

Easter Baskets + Toys for Kids

Easter is only a couple short weeks away and this year it has crept right up on us! It always does that to us when it falls at the end of March so we bet you guys are feeling the same way! Today we are sharing our favorite Easter Baskets this season and also a round-up of great toy options for your little peanuts! Have you seen these darling Market Baskets from Loom Goods yet?! We are completely obsessed with them and use them around our house for everything! They also make for a unique + perfect Easter basket! We suggest the small for babies and little toddlers and a medium size would be good for holding bigger items like books and toys. We are just so ready for Spring to be here and Easter always marks the beginning of this season for us! Do you have any traditions when it comes to toys + treats in your little peanuts baskets? We would love for you to share in the comments below!


SOURCES: 1. Egg chalk | 2. Tortoise & Hair Rabbit Cap | 3. Marshmallow Book | 4. Wooden Airplane | 5. Fruit Tattoos | 6. Metallic Plastic Eggs | 7. Wooden Fruit + Veggies | 8. Wooden Bunny Rattles | 9. Cupcake Kit | 10. Lucas Rabbit | 11. Stackable Crayons

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