24 Mar

Easter Themed Maternity

Spring is here and a time for new beginnings and new arrivals.  We thought what better way to ring things in than share the sweet Nicol’s Family Easter themed maternity session to welcome the imminent arrival of darling daughter.  With the warm sunny background, lots of pastels, and even a tiny bunny everything about this is perfect!  Chloe Moore was able to capture this family in all their glow and excitement.  We talked to Kimbereley, the stunning mommy, about her thoughts on adding another little kiddo to the bunch.

‘When a new baby comes, everyone says it’s important to nurture your first born and take time with them so they don’t feel forgotten. We decided for Easter to surprise our son SJ with a new pet as a way to make him feel special before baby sister arrived. We wanted to take this opportunity to capture the joy! I wanted a girl sooo soooo badly!!! More than anything in the world I wanted a girl and she truly completes our little family. Easter is our favorite time of year. There is nothing better than watching toddlers waddle around stuffing their cheeks with chocolate and the magic on their face when they find their very first egg!’

Congratulations Nicol’s Family!

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