07 Dec

Fresh Winter Green Wreath DIY

There really is nothing better then the smell of fresh greens during the winter time! One of our all time favorite holiday activities is to make fresh green wreaths for houses! If this is something you’ve always wanted to try we are here to tell you that you MUST give it a try and we promise it’s actually super duper easy to do! So grab a group of friends and your favorite holiday drink and get to work on your own holiday fresh wreaths. We know this will become one of your favorite traditions as well and will make your home feel festive!

Our dear friend Lizy Bowden hung out with us one afternoon and made the most gorgeous fresh wreath. We are sharing her tips below!

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– wire wreath frame
– paddle wire
– wire clippers
– pruning shears
– variety of greens (huckleberry, bay laurel and cedar)
*greens can be purchased at costco, a local flower shop, or even foraged from your backyard!


1. Make a little bundle of greens by cutting down larger branches. The length of the bunch will determine how full or wild your wreath is. Shorter more compact bunches will make a tighter wreath, longer more wild bunches will make a more loose wreath.

2. Attach the end of the paddle wire to your wire frame.

3. Place a bundle of greens on the hollow side of your wreath frame, then wrap the wire around the base of the greens four or five times until secure.

4. Place a second bunch of greens on top of the wire wrapped area until it covers it completely, then wrap the new bunch with wire.

5. Continue placing bunches on the frame and wrapping with wire until your whole frame is covered!

6. Once you’ve reach the end cut the wire, leaving a little tail to be secured to the wreath frame.

*Fresh wreaths will last best if hung outside, usually 2-3 weeks!

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