21 Oct

Haunted Woods Kids Halloween Party

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a fun party for the kiddos! This is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate because it brings together the best of party options like costumes, treats and spooky decor! For our Halloween party this year we went with a haunted woods theme to change it up from the traditional Halloween vibe. We kept the color palette to neutral woodsy colors which works perfectly with this theme. You can easily re-create this look by using shades of white and green pumpkins mixed with other natural elements like sticks and branches that can be found in your own backyard. One thing that we try to do with any event or party we are hosting is to make it feel special + personable for our guests. This can easily be done by doing custom place cards at each setting. Try making little bat name cards and place them on each plate or on the forks like we did!

Presentation is everything and even just doing something as simple as setting out each place setting on the table can really take your party to the next level.When you go the extra mile and add in a few special details it really shows + wows your guests. Once you’ve got your table design set-up then next on the list is to think of fun activities to keep your little party guests entertained. And if you want to be seriously entertained then try hanging some doughnuts from ropes and let your little peanuts go to town. We promise there will be lots of LOLing going on + the kiddos will absolutely love it!

If you want more details on the kids woodland Halloween costumes check out yesterdays feature HERE! Also make sure to check back tomorrow because we will be sharing more from this party and some great holiday recipes!

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