16 Dec

It’s all in the wrapping {DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping}

Today we are sharing an old favorite from a couple of holidays ago.  If you have yet to wrap your gifts than this is for you!  Wrapping presents has been a favorite of mine since I was little helping my mom and grandma wrap everything under the tree.  I loved picking out all the gorgeous papers, ribbons, and bows.  Everything is in the presentation after all.  Here we are featuring some DIY wrappings that will dazzle under your tree and a great tradition to start with your little peanuts.



Most of my packaging supplies at the new Paper Source store.  They have the best selection of non-cheesy paper and an amazing selection of ribbon, string and other accessories.  The glitter tree cut-out wrapping is probably one of my favorites because it’s different and looks like it was hard to do! You can recreate this with any color of paper and any underneath color. I chose to use glitter paper underneath to add a little extra bling! All you need to do to make this cute tree is to cut out a piece of glitter paper the size of one side of your box. Tape it to the box. Then wrap the box with a different color wrapping paper like you normally would. Once it’s wrapped find the place that you put the glitter paper underneath and lightly trace once side of a tree. Use a craft knife to cut along the edges. Fold back the cut flap to reveal the underneath color!



A great way to get your little peanuts involved in gift wrapping is to let them help decorate a package with stamps! You can create your own patterned paper that is super cute and a fun craft project as well! All you need is a solid colored paper, cute holiday stamps and any color of ink pad you like. Have fun creating patterns with the stamps to create your own custom paper!



There is no better way to wow your friends and family then with some glitter wrapping paper or glitter ribbon! Love how these simple wrapping papers are transformed into something amazing with just some pretty glitter ribbon! Or go all out with glitter paper and glitter ribbon! You can never have enough glitter when it comes to the holidays!



I’m obsessed with craft paper right now and love how it looks when used for Christmas wrapping! It’s simple and classic with a little bit of a rustic feel. Use a white ink pen or stamp bad to create your own designs and names. Finish it off with simple white yarn that is found at any craft or fabric store and you have one darling present!



It doesn’t get any easier then using your old newspaper for wrapping! That’s exactly what I did with these cute presents! There is one tip though when it comes to using newspaper for wrapping. There is a lot of colored ads in the newspaper nowadays so you will need to find a section that is mainly text with no large ads. Use red striped bakers twine to give it a little color and cuteness. A fun idea for labeling your presents is to get a large letter stamp for each of your family members and stamp each initial on a tag to identify who’s gift is who’s. This is not only efficient and keeps things organized but looks darling too!



My favorite wrapping paper from Paper Source is the wood grain paper. It’s so cute in person and really unique. Love that it lends towards the rustic side and if you are not into using the traditional red and green holiday colors then this wrapping is perfect for you! Finish it off with some jute twine and a cute deer tag and you are sure to get people talking about your wrapping skills!



I hope this has inspired you to have some fun with your wrapping this year and for years to come! Get a little creative and use things that you already have and get your little peanuts involved. It can be a fun tradition that they can do with their kids when they get older.


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