25 Oct

Kids Woodland Halloween Party

Last year we shared this cute woodland themed Halloween party that we hosted for our little peanuts and it was just so fun that we had to share it again this year! If you are hosting your own Halloween party this weekend there are so many easy details from this party that can be easily recreated! It’s as simple as arranging mini pumpkins down the middle of your table and creating personalized place cards for your guests! We are also sharing some darling + super easy woodland Halloween custom ideas if you are still in need of a last minute idea for your little one. You can find even more details on how to recreate these woodland Halloween costumes HERE! Bring on the parties!!

littlepeanutmagazine_kids_halloween_party_design_13 littlepeanutmagazine_halloween_woodland_kids_costumes_1 littlepeanutmagazine_kids_halloween_party_design_1 littlepeanutmagazine_kids_halloween_party_design_3 littlepeanutmagazine_halloween_woodland_kids_costumes_10 littlepeanutmagazine_kids_halloween_party_design_4 littlepeanutmagazine_kids_halloween_party_design_5 littlepeanutmagazine_halloween_woodland_kids_costumes_5 littlepeanutmagazine_kids_halloween_party_design_7 littlepeanutmagazine_kids_halloween_party_design_8 littlepeanutmagazine_halloween_woodland_kids_costumes_16 littlepeanutmagazine_kids_halloween_party_design_9 littlepeanutmagazine_kids_halloween_party_design_10 littlepeanutmagazine_kids_halloween_party_design_11 littlepeanutmagazine_kids_halloween_party_design_14 littlepeanutmagazine_kids_halloween_party_design_12

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