14 Dec

Hot Cocoa Bar {Little Peanut Style}

Happy Friday! Yesterday we featured our fun Christmas party lunch and today we are going to be sharing the dessert portion of the party, the hot cocoa bar! The little peanuts couldn’t get over the table full of candy and had so much fun picking what garnishes they wanted to put in their very own hot {well maybe warm} cocoa mug! They could choose from marshmallows, caramel, peppermint, white chocolate and m&m’s. To stir it all together we made chocolate spoons that were the biggest hit and totally easy to do! We got the cutest custom wooden spoons from Sucre Shop and dipped them in melted semisweet chocolate chips and 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and let them cool on wax paper in the fridge before the party. Sip that sweet chocolate all down with a striped paper straw and your little guests have never been happier!

To really wow your guests with your hot cocoa bar signage makes a huge impact! Pink Piggy Design did a darling chalkboard sign that hung behind the table and for the little candy signs we got wooden plaque from Hobby Lobby and spray painted them with black chalkboard paint. To do the calligraphy we used a white chalkboard marker which makes it super easy for writing words. Chalkboard signs are not only visually cute, but if you mess up then you can just wipe them off and start over! A hot cocoa bar can be fun for any type of party and especially a Christmas party! Make sure you check out yesterdays post and enter the West Elm GIVEAWAY!

A big thank you to the amazing Jessica Kettle for the cutest pictures from our Christmas Party! How cute are her little blond, blue-eyed peanuts?!

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  1. Mikki Platt says:

    Ok women, these are absolutely darling in every way!! Jessica Kettle is just plain rockin’ it with her crazy-talented photog skills and every kid should be smothered in “you’re freaking adorable” kisses!!! Great work, every one of you, for the details and concept!

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