25 Nov

Thankful Feather Crowns

With Thanksgiving this week everyone is getting prepped for their big feasts and festivities. We have been seeing lots of fun thankful crafts and we wanted to share one of of our own! Today we are sharing a fun project that doubles as a craft as well as a thankful lesson for your little peanuts. A Thankful feather crown is a perfect activity to do with your little one’s this week and also fun for them to wear!

What you need to make a feather crown:


– construction paper
– feathers
– glitter
– scissors
– white glue
– pencil or pen


You can use any color of construction paper you have at home or colors you like. We went with a natural kraft stock.  Trace around one of your white feathers on the construction paper to make your own feather stencil and cut out 4-8 paper feathers. To make them look more like feathers use your scissors to make little slits along the edges of the paper feather. If you have older kids they can help trace and cut out the paper feathers. Once the feathers are cut out talk with your little ones about the things that they are thankful for and help them write them on the paper feathers. This can be a fun conversation about the things that your family is thankful for. If your 3 year old is anything like ours he will tell you that he’s thankful for chicken nuggets 🙂




If you are using glitter to add a little sparkle to your crowns use white glue to make dots on the feathers. To make glitter tips add a dab of glue to the top of the feathers and use your fingers to spread it around evenly. Sprinkle glitter on the feathers and let them dry a few minutes.



Cut a strip of the construction paper to go around your little peanuts head. They can help decorate this band as well. Glue the paper feathers and real feathers onto the back of the head band. If the band isn’t big enough to go around completely then you can use string or leather to fasten the back of the crown.


And there you have it! A simple + fun way to get into the giving spirit! We would love to see your little peanuts in their feather crowns. Tag us on facebook and instagram so we can leave some love!

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