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The Perfect Shaped Sugar Cookie {Rudolph Cookies}

Oh sugar cookies! How we love you! Over the past couple of months we have decided to give the sugar cookie making a try and have tested out a few different recipes trying to find the perfect one! You know those sugar cookies that look like they were professionally done? Perfect shape…perfectly iced?! Well today we are sharing how to make the perfect shaped sugar cookie and some tips on icing them.


For our holiday shoot we felt like it was only fitting to serve sugar cookies. This time of year it seems like everyone is decorating gingerbread houses and making holiday shaped cookies with their families. Today we will show you how to make the cutest polka dot Rudolph cookies that are perfect for your holiday festivities coming up!



The Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe:

–  6 cups all-purpose flour, sifted

– 1 teaspoon salt

– 2 cups {4 sticks} unsalted butter, softened for about 20 minutes at room temperature

– 2 cups sugar

– 2 large eggs, cold

– 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract

– 1/4 teaspoon pure lemon extract {optional}



  1. In large bowl, sift together flour and salt. Set aside.
  2. In an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream butter and sugar until fluffy and pale for about 5 minutes. Beat in eggs.
  3. Add flour mixture and mix on low speed until thoroughly combined. Add vanilla and lemon extract and blend.
  4. Remove 1/2 of dough from bowl and place on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet or board. Roll out until you have a thin layer of dough about 1/4″ thick. Use a little extra flour on top of the dough from sticking the to roller. Repeat this step with the remaining dough.
  5. Remove one cookie sheet with chilled dough. Using the cookie cutter of your choice cut out shapes of dough and put them on a new cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Once you have filled up the cookie sheet with cookie cut-outs place back in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before baking.
  6. Repeat above steps for additional chilled dough until you have cut out all of your cookies.
  7. Preheat your oven to 325° F. Bake 12-14 minutes, or until edges are golden brown.
  8. Let cookies cool before decorating.
* Keeping your dough chilled is the KEY to making perfectly shaped sugar cookies. Don’t skip this step!


Royal Icing Recipe


– 4lbs {two bags} confectioner’s sugar

– 3/4 c. meringue powder

– 1  1/3 –  1  1/2 c. warm water

– 2-4 tbsp. oil-free extract or flavoring



  1. Add the dry ingredients first. Use your mixer’s whisk attachment to incorporate the sugar and meringue powder.
  2. Add the extract to the water and slowly add it to the dry ingredients while mixing. At first the icing will be very liquid-like.
  3. Continue to mix it at medium-high speed until it is fluffy and stiff peaks form, about 7-10 minutes. Mixing times are approximate, keep your eye on it and stop mixing as soon as it becomes stiff. Over mixing and oil-containing extracts can keep the icing from setting up, so keep this in mind as you work.

*This makes icing for 9-10 dozen cookies. You can cut this recipe in half for smaller batches. Royal icing will keep at least a month in the refrigerator.


Icing Cookies 101

These white Rudolph cookies with black polka dots require the cookies to be piped, filled with white icing and then black fill icing on the top creating a wet on wet technique. Here are some quick tips on prepping your icing. You use the same icing recipe above for all of these techniques and just add water to make different consistencies. Once you have the consistencies figured out icing really is quiet easy and fun to do!


To do wet on wet icing {how you make the polka dots} you will have to do one cookie at a time and you will need to create all of your icing before you start so you can quickly do each cookie before they dry.



This is the consistency you use to line your cookie. Depending on how many cookies you are icing start with about 2 cups of the icing mixture you just made and add a little water to it. A good tip is to use a spray bottle to thin your icing so you can add just a little bit of water at a time. Stir together until you have the consistency of toothpaste.


Flood icing is used to fill your cookie and is runnier then piping icing and is the consistency of warm honey or shampoo. Once you have the consistency right you will want to separate it into two different bowls. Keep one of the bowls white and add food coloring to the other bowl and mix until you get your desired color.


Once you have your icing prepped ready to go spoon your piping icing to a piping bag with a fine round tip. Pour your white fill icing into a squeeze bottle and your colored icing into another squeeze bottle.


To get started slowly outline your cookie with a consistent piping line all the way around the cookie to create a boarder.



After the cookie is outlined, you will now fill the outlined area with your white FLOOD icing.  It will usually flow until it fills the entire cookie but you can also use an offset spatula to speed things along and smooth it out to the edges.



Once you have filled your cookies with the white icing you will now quickly add your black FLOOD icing making a polka dot pattern. This technique is called “wet on wet” and will give the icing a smooth finish with no bumps. Let your cookies dry for about 4 hours or leave them over night. To finish them off add a little dot of red piping icing to make Rudolph’s red nose!


And there you have it! Icing 101! We know that icing can be a bit intimidating and seem like a lot of work… but once you master the consistency thing you will absolutely love making beautiful + perfect cookies! For more tips and videos on how to make different icing consistencies check out this amazing blog post that helped us out a ton!


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  1. Teresa Shewell says:

    I have wanted this type of icing recipe for sugar cookies for a long time!!
    I am excited to have it! Have a Merry Christmas Megan, even though our
    Families don’t get together often, it’s good to see you when you do your segments
    On tv, and when you post the pics of your sweet boys!!

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