05 Jul

Mommy Night Out | Dinner in the Mountains

We hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend with your family and friends. We for one are sure sad to see the weekend of go but in that spirit we’ve still got entertaining and outdoor dinners on our mind! A couple of weeks ago we got together with a few of our mommy friends to have a dinner in the mountains. It truly was a beautiful evening and was so nice to be able to check-out from the stresses of everyday life for a couple of ours to just connect on a deeper level with our girlfriends. We hope this feature will inspire you to plan your own dinner with girlfriends as well… we all know how a little time away from home can be so healing for the mama soul! Luckily for us we live so close to the mountains that doing something like this is actually pretty easy. Our main challenge was just getting a table to the mountains! You can also recreate something like this in a backyard or a local park!

We designed this setting with a low table to give it a more intimate setting and enlisted in the help of our good friend Amber Reverie to help us design a beautiful floral setting down the middle of the table with wildflowers and driftwood to complement the area we were in. When it comes to entertaining one of the most important aspects is the food (of course!). You want to consider the time of year of your party, the location, how formal/informal you want it to be and if you have a theme you are wanting to go along with. Since we wanted to do a dinner in the mountains away from a kitchen the menu had to be able to accommodate not having a stove or a refrigerator close at a hand. We decided to keep it simple and started with a cheese board, fruit and olives, followed with bread and an arugula salad. To finish off the night we had summer berry pies! We still can’t get enough of those views! Something about dinner outside is truly amazing! Thank you to Roxana Baker for these beautiful images!

IMG_3666 IMG_3632 IMG_3679 IMG_3651 IMG_3685 IMG_3728 IMG_3648 IMG_3709 IMG_3681 IMG_3745 IMG_3811 IMG_3777 IMG_4233 IMG_3833 IMG_3947 IMG_4017 IMG_4064 IMG_4298 IMG_4212 IMG_3792 IMG_4336 IMG_4387 IMG_4402 IMG_4438

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