31 Aug

A Regular Day with Momma Sam

Having family portraits taken is a perfect way to document your family in that moment in time.  A picture to cherish and remember always.  But if you’re anything like us they is a lot of planning that goes into them, the perfect coordinating outfits, location, props, and sometimes hair and make up.  Well the lovely Tracy Layne came up with a concept to go into her clients homes and document a regular day.  Instead of having everything prepped and pristine she has them leave it just how it is on a normal day.  Toys on the floor, dishes in the sink, unmade beds and the mess of life, to see how beautiful that mess really is.  Let the kids pick what they want to wear, let the messes be, and just photograph life as it is.  These sessions are making women feel.  It’s helping them see past the mess and the mundane and capturing the little details of their life that mean so much to them.  We completely adore this idea because when we look back on our lives once our little are grown and I’m sure there is a part of us that will miss all the messes from them.

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