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Body of a Mother Project | Ashley Fultz

We hope you all had a great holiday weekend! We are right back at it and sharing another beautiful story from our Body of a Mother Project! If you’ve missed any of them you can check out Johnna’s story here + Jenna’s story here. We will be sharing a different inspiring mother’s journey through motherhood + the changes that our bodies go through as mother’s. With this project we want to encourage + empower women to be proud of their bodies even if they are drastically different then they were before having children.  We are the only people who can create true miracles and the sacrifices for those miracles can be hard but are absolutely worth it a million times over! Today we are talking with Ashley Fultz + so excited to share her story!

I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, but I moved to Los Angeles in college to intern at E! True Hollywood Story and then when I graduated I made the move for good to LA to work at E! News.  I have now lived in LA for 10 years and have been with my now husband that whole time.  After working at E! For 7 years, the last three of which I was the Fashion and Lifestyle Producer, and shortly after getting married, I left E! to pursue my own blog and have been blogging at TheStyleEditrix.com full-time ever since.  My husband and I welcomed our first child, a baby boy named Smith, into the world December 10, 2015.  We are exhausted and overwhelmed as new parents, but we wouldn’t change it for the world and are so in love!

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– What was it like for you during your pregnancies and the feelings you had experiencing the changes going on with your body?

I was so excited to be pregnant, but unfortunately the excitement was short-lived at first because I was so sick throughout the first and second trimester.  Because of the sickness and nausea I was eating a lot of carbs and comfort foods, which I usually didn’t indulge in, and quickly gained a good amount of weight.  After I got up 35 pounds in weight in my last trimester I stopped asking about my weight at my doctor’s appointments and felt it was better if I didn’t know because it was making me feel a lot of anxiety.  I knew it was healthy for the baby and my doctor said I looked fine, but to me I was hoping I would be one of those tiny pregnant women and only wanted to gain 20 pounds.  I tried to go easy on myself, but it was definitely hard.

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– What part of your body image changes have you had to get use to and embrace since having a child?

My body has changed a lot since having Smith.  Three months after and I am still not back to my pre-baby weight and my stomach is filled with stretch marks.  It was terrifying seeing myself in the mirror in the first few weeks after the baby was born because I was so disappointed and always feared stretch marks, but now I am trying to get used to them.  I know if I keep eating healthy and trying to work out I’ll eventually bounce back and I am applying cream everyday to try and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

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–  Some woman embrace their “mom body” and actually find themselves more confident and stronger vs. when they were younger, do you find this to be true to you?

Honestly I did not and am not embracing my mom body.  I loved my body before the baby and really want to get as close back to that as possible.  I am definitely going to be healthy about it getting there and giving myself some time since I know my body has been through a lot, but I see lots of moms with amazingly toned physiques and I want that too.  Taking pictures of myself for the blog and social media and being on TV definitely plays a role in how I want to look and the way I want to fit into my clothes.

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–  After having a baby how do you like to get your “groove” back and into the swing of things?

After baby I am loving getting to workout classes to really focus on myself for an hour and I love going to date nights alone with my husband.  I spend majority of my week with the baby and working, so those few precious hours I get to myself are golden.

–  What struggles have you had with your mom body?  What have you done to over come these struggles?

My biggest struggle is with my stretch marks on my stomach.  I tried so hard avoiding stretch marks by using all of the oils and creams, but at the end of the day it is what it is.  I know at the moment I cannot change them or get rid of them, so I am trying to give myself a break.  I will continue using creams and might eventually look into laser treatments if they don’t go away in the next year.  I would love to get back in a bikini one day and not feel self-conscious!

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–  What advice would you give to other mothers who struggle with embracing their mom bodies?

I would tell other moms I know what you are feeling and going through and good going momma on carrying your baby and feeding the baby so that he/she is healthy.  These are our badges of honors and we have little miracles because of what we went through.  Try to be kind to yourself and give yourself time to get to where you want to be.  It’s so cliché saying we didn’t put it on overnight so it isn’t coming off overnight, but I really do believe it.  Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to make you and baby feel good.

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