22 Mar

Body of a Mother Project | Jenna Rammell

Last week we introduced you to the Body of a Mother Project that we’ve been working on for several months that carry’s a very special + strong message that all of us mothers can relate to. No matter how perfect you may think someone else’s life is or how amazing another mom looks, we ALL struggle with insecurities about ourselves physically and the truth is that our bodies have changed after having babies. It’s time that we look at these changes in a positive light and embrace our bodies because they are truly beautiful + create the most beautiful thing that can ever be created.  Let’s empower each other with this message + be proud to show our bodies off!

Meet Jenna Rammell, married to her man, Andrew, for over 10 year and mother of 3 kids, Quinn, age 7, Jude, age 4 and Lolly, age 1. Jenna is one of three amazing ladies behind the popular children’s blog, Small Fry, self-taught graphic designer, health nut, gourmet chef who is passionate about eating whole and encouraging her kiddos to eat whole as well. We are so inspired by her love for the outdoors and outlook on life. Jenna’s favorite place to be is around her table with an unending desire to feed everyone!  We are so honored to have Jenna share her thoughts with us on motherhood + embracing her body as a mother. Read her story below + enjoy the beautiful images captured by Morgan Pansing.


– What was it like for you during your pregnancies and the feelings you had experiencing the changes going on with your body?

I have experienced several miscarriages and long awaited pregnancies. I’ve begged and pleaded for each child I have and felt so eternally grateful for each one. With each pregnancy I found myself so miserably sick and unable to function. My body was weak but yet held on to some much weight. I felt like a stranger in my own body since generally I’m very active and fit. Being grateful and not being thrilled with the changes in your body are NOT mutually exclusive. You can be exponentially grateful for a pregnancy but still feel discouraged by your bodies changes. It’s all so new, so different, so foreign! It’s normal to feel affect by it.

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– What part of your body image changes have you had to get use to and embrace since having children?

Honestly my breasts. After nursing three babies for over a year – they are JUST a different story.

–  How has your body changed with each child?

I think I’ve held on to weight each time and had to try harder to get back in to shape. I definitely can not eat what I used to . Whether it’s age or the number of children or both, it gets harder every time!

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–  Some woman embrace their “mom body” and actually find themselves more confident and stronger vs. when they were younger, do you find this to be true to you?

I don’t know that I feel this way about my body….but I do feel this way about my soul. Each time I have a child I feel a rebirth. I come out stronger, more confident and feel like a warrior. I’m proud of who I am as a mom, as a woman as a person. I can’t imagine who I would be without my most divine role of motherhood. I love my body. It’s not what I imagined it would be but it’s mine. It’s healthy and it’s beautiful and it serves the purpose it’s most designed to do and that’s to be a mom.

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–  After having a baby how do you like to get your “groove” back and into the swing of things?

Take my time. For some they’ve appeared to bounce back six weeks after the fact. I feel myself after about 6 months…and at 14 months postpartum I JUST started committing to a workout routine. Being patient with myself after welcoming this third baby was the best thing I could ever do.

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–  What advice would you give to other mothers who struggle with embracing their mom bodies?

Write down what you’re grateful for. Take notice and careful watch of what your body is capable of each day – you will be astounded at how blessed you are. From riding bikes with your children to tying little people shoe’s….we are capable of so much more than we even realize. Taking pause to be grateful, always what makes what we think we don’t have…in to the realization of what we DO.

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We hope you will join in on this conversation and share your own images on social media using the hashtag #bodyofamotherproject. And stay tuned each week for another beautiful mother’s story!

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