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Body of a Mother Project | Sadie Sabin

We are continuing on with our Body of a Mother Project with one very inspiring mom! Sadie Sabin with Simply Sadie Jane is a mother to two little peanuts and has lost 80 pounds since having her babies with little money + little time! We are so luck to know this beautiful mother and her words of encouragement are exactly what we need in our own journey to healthier living + embracing our bodies as mothers.

If you are new to this series you can read more about the message behind it here and also check out the other mom’s stories we’ve shared so far: Ashley Fultz,  Jenna Rammell, and Johnna Holmgren.

– Tell us a little about you and your family.

Jeff and I met each other while I was finishing up my nursing degree at BYUI. We were married in 2008 and welcomed our first baby, Reagan Jane, in 2010. We settled in Idaho while I worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse and Jeff graduated and worked in construction. We welcomed our second babe, Baylor Jeffrey, in 2012. I worked the night shift for 5 years while I juggled being a young mother to 2 little babes. We moved to Salt Lake City about 2 years ago for my husband’s new job and are enjoying this new adventure in life. We are transitioning from farm life to country life and enjoy what living in the city can bring! I know blog at home full time at simplysadiejane.com where I share my fitness and lifestyle tips and tricks. I have taken the inspiration I found as a labor nurse and now use it to help inspire mothers and women everywhere.

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– Tell us about your amazing weight loss journey.

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. Although I was athletic and active, I never focused on my diet. Working night shift, it became really hard on my body and metabolism. Add working full time while pregnant, I didn’t focus or take care of my body. I focused on helping others while I was away from my family and focused on being the best mother I could be while I was with my family. Life became busier with moving into our first home, remodeling projects, and busy church callings. When I had my second child, I was 200 pounds, and very unhealthy. I was going down a very scary slippery slope and I had to change. I started eating strict Paleo about 2 months postpartum and working out at a Crossfit gym that I had worked out at previously. It took me an entire year to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and another 6 months to tone and lose another 25 pounds. I was finally taking time to work on myself and become healthier for not only me, but my little family as well.

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– What was it like for you during your pregnancies and the feelings you had experiencing the changes going on with your body?

I was very sick at the beginning of each pregnancy. I remember getting IV therapy at work, then helping deliver babies, and then heading to the bathroom to throw up again. The first part was hard with each babe but I was so grateful to have those little babies growing strong in my belly. I remember trying to jump on the bed and my body not able to stretch like it used to. As a nurse, it was incredible to see all the different bodies and how they all carried their babies differently. I was so lucky to have the job I did and help those women find comfort and ease with their pregnancies. I loved the feeling of security that pregnancy gave me with my children. I was very aware of all things that were happening with my babe and my body. I was maybe a bit too cautious as I counted kick counts every night and guzzled gallons of water everyday. I watched as stretch marks made their appearance on my breasts, stomach, and inner thighs. I remember feeling like my body would never be the same and yet, here I am, with an entirely different mindset and with a more healthy and fit body than I’ve ever had before.

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– What part of your body image changes have you had to get use to and embrace since having children?

Initially it was the weight gain. I had to find a positive and patient mindset and remind myself of that everyday. After almost 18 months and losing the weight, I remember looking down at my stomach one day and seeing the remains of my stretch marks. The extra skin and scars on my breasts. I touched them and decided right at that moment that I would NOT let myself be annoyed or frustrated or sad about them. I would call them warrior marks and embrace them. It was my badge of honor that I was able to wear from baring my beautiful children. Yes, even with my stretch marks, my body is more beautiful now than it has ever been before.

– How has your body changed with each child?

With my second child, my stretch marks became bigger and my bladder weaker. I still and will forever pee my pants when I do double unders or jump on the tramp too high.

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– After having a baby how do you like to get your “groove” back and into the swing of things?

I am a huge supporter in allowing yourself TIME. I think that is more important than anything else. We are a generation of HERE AND NOW but those precious newborn moments are gone in a blink of an eye. I love to step away from social media and just be one with my babes. I usually start physically by walking around the block a few times and then slowly working up to Crossfit. Listening to your body is so important. Mentally and physically. I really believe those 6 weeks postpartum are so crucial for your entire family. Take time. Ease into life. Enjoy every grunt. Every late night feeding. And every other fleeting moment.


– Some woman embrace their “mom body” and actually find themselves more confident and stronger vs. when they were younger, do you find this to be true to you?

Absolutely! I feel as if everything about me is more mature and settled therefore I can be more confident and loving towards the body I have. I embrace it, I appreciate it, I love it! Not only have I found a healthier, more fit version of myself, but throughout my fitness journey and being a mother, I found self love. I think it was the balance between being transformed into this selfless, superhero aka “a mother”, and still taking time to thank my body by working out. Finding love and acceptance as I have gotten older has been a gift I have given myself that I don’t ever want to take away.

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– What struggles have you had with your mom body?  What have you done to over come these struggles?

Initially, I wasn’t sure I would ever feel comfortable in my body, it took me years and many hours of not only physical work but spiritual work as well. I have felt very blessed and honored to have a body that was once the home for my two children. Honestly my boobs have been hard for me to embrace. They are nonexistent and have stretch marks. I had a hard time very feminine but now I embrace it. I choose to look at it in a different light. I choose to appreciate how I feel and what my body has been able to do and accomplish rather than what it is lacking now.

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– What advice would you give to other mothers who struggle with embracing their mom bodies?

I wish with all my heart those women could see themselves the way that I see them. I have helped hundreds of women through labor and delivery. I have massages, touched, cried, carried, and cared for some of the most incredible women. I wish we could all rewind back and watch ourselves through labor, or even the 9 months of carrying a child. LOOK AT WHAT YOU CAN DO! Look at how incredible you are! You are a mother, an incredible woman who just carried a child and delivered your baby. Don’t you know that you can do anything!? I would tell them to look at what they’ve created because someone weak, or broken, or struggling couldn’t do that. You are NONE of those things. Even if you’ve been telling yourself that for years. You’ve been trying to convince your body of failure while it is waiting for you to test it to see what it can really do. I would tell them to look deep inside themselves and find that self love and appreciation and then let it out! Walk with appreciation for your body and take time to appreciate it as well. You mothers are my hero and will forever be my inspiration.

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