22 May

Pillow Styling 101 | The Citizenry

Why is it, that when spring rolls in, we get the urge to throw out everything we own? It’s as if all at once, everything in our home is old, boring, and out of style. Step away from those trash bags, friends. Allow us to introduce you to the power of the pillow…

That’s right. Pillows. Just a few fresh pillows here and there can give your space a whole new look and talk you off the ledge of redoing your entire home!

Now, the only question remains – where to start? We’ve got you covered. We collaborated with our favorite artisan shop, The Citizenry, to share some no-fail pillow styling tips. Also! Get a little glimpse at our new living room space we talked about in the previous post!

1 // The first tip of pillow styling? Never be afraid of a little color. The key to styling with color is to go with a single palette, then pick a good variety of textures and patterns within that palette. Be sure to mix in with some neutrals to keep the look feeling light.

2 // It’s all about the layering! Use different sizes and shapes of pillows to create a layered look. This gives each pillow some room to show itself off. Think of it like a family photo (without the blood, sweat, and tears…) – tall in the back, short in the front.

3 // Believe it or not, patterns do know how to play nice with each other. It’s easy to think there’s only room for one show-stopping pillow, but the truth is, pairing patterns creates a look with more depth and interest. Just be sure to vary the scale of the patterns – go for both small and large scale patterns that complement, instead of compete, with one another.

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