21 May

Real Mommy Moment {Ginger & Jonah}

Today we are beyond excited to share a real mommy moment of our very own Ginger and her sweet family. Ginger has the most beautiful smile and the kindest heart to go along with it. Ginger is genuine in everything she does and we are beyond blessed to call her our friend! She is such an inspiration on what a mother should be: kind, loving and fun! We adore and love working with her and the cutest little peanut you have ever seen, Jonah J!


“Growing up with three younger sisters made it pretty easy for me to dream up my future. I pictured myself in an SUV full of blue-eyed daughters with poofy hair and matching outfits. A little cliche’, but that’s exactly how I envisioned motherhood. I didn’t grow up in a ballet studio. I’m from the family who left the ball field an hour after everybody else went home. Every sport, all year round, you name it – we played it. Kind of fun to joke about it now, with our son Jonah turning two and his little brother coming in a couple more months.  Reflecting back to those younger years of my childhood, I believe that those family nights spent together at the ball park molded me into the Mother that I am today. 
The instant Jonah wakes up he’s looking for his ball. He won’t let us leave the house without his ‘ mitt.’ Which is actually my husband’s baseball mitt from when he was a Jonah’s age. Can you say melt a mother’s heart into a giant puddle? I love my boys. I live for playtime with them. We play ball sun up to sun down. It’s such a huge part of our everyday life.
Being a mother can be discouraging at times. We all want to be the very best mom out there. It’s easy to compare ‘playtime’ with other families, and what works for them. When I finally let go, stopped comparing, and really gave my undivided attention to Jonah, I found that it didn’t take much to have a good time. I shut off my phone, closed my computer and really dove full heart into play time. By doing so, it has truly become my most cherished time of the day!”


Thank you so much Ginger for sharing this precious moment with us and a huge thank you to the amazing Jared Wortley with Oneilove Media for this beyond gorgeous video and for capturing this beautiful family for us! We invite you to join our challenge of capturing real, imperfect moments with your little peanuts and share them on instagram, facebook and twitter. The most important part is that you need to be in the pictures as well! Tag us and use hash tag #realmommymoment and we will be sharing a round up of some of our favorite mommy moments!

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