30 May

Real Mommy Moment {Megan, Beck & Bennie}

We have had an amazing month sharing some amazing real mommy moments of some seriously incredible + inspiring mommas!  This month we wanted to really embrace those real mommy moments and live in them, relish them and share them. It’s easy to get caught in the craziness of life and obligations, but it’s so important to take time to do those special activities that we love doing with our little peanuts. Today we are sharing our last real mommy moment and featuring our very own Megan Bailey and her two little guys, Beckham & Bennie!


“We have a pretty buys and crazy schedule around here and we have tried to make the evenings family time and devote our attention to our kids and put away the phones and other distractions. I asked my good friend, David Perry, to capture what a typical evening is like at our house so that I could remember all of these little things that I love so much and want to remember forever! My husband is an amazing cook… yes I’m a lucky one! He usually cooks for us and our favorite is to BBQ outside on the grill and let the little ones play outside while we cook and eat. After dinner time we usually head inside and upstairs to our very favorite activity for the day, tubby time! Both my boys are obsessed with the tub and I usually get in the tub with them every night. This is something we have done from day one and probably my favorite memories with my boys. I never want to forget how my little Bennie crawls as fast as he can to the tub when he hears me turn it on, how Beckham would swim and play with his toys in the tub all night if I would let him, how Bennie hates to hold still long enough for me to put his jammies and lotion on, how Beckham typically becomes pretty hyper and giggly at this point in the evening and runs from room to room and loves to jump on the bed! I never want to forget our story times in our bed or in the boys room and how Beckham can become instantly calm when I hold him and read to him. I never want to forget those goodnight kisses and snuggles… they are for sure the best part of the day! I want to live in these moments for the rest of my life and I’m excited to share a little bit of these special moments with you!”



We can’t thank the incredibly talented David Perry enough for spending the evening with us and for creating something so beautiful that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. And a huge thank you to all of the amazing mommas who have shared their stories with us this month of May, the month of celebrating motherhood! In case you missed any of them you can read about Ginger, Jen, Paige & Lara.


We continue to invite you to join our challenge of capturing real, imperfect moments with your little peanuts and share them on instagram, facebook and twitter. The most important part is that you need to be in the pictures as well! Tag us and use hash tag #realmommymoment.

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2 Responses to Real Mommy Moment {Megan, Beck & Bennie}

  1. Katie says:

    David is my neighbor and I have been waiting for our youngest to walk before having him make a film for us. But seeing this today made me want to do it now! So beautiful and touching!

  2. Traci Taylor says:

    That was so sweet, and really made me want to slow down and enjoy each special moment with my girl! That song was adorable, who was it by? Thanks for sharing!

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