30 Dec

New Year’s Eve Peanut Party

We are bringing 2012 to an end and that means one more big celebration for the year! New Year’s Eve is typically thought of as an adult party night {and maybe a much needed night out} but we are sharing some fun party ideas to keep your little peanuts entertained and to let them join in on the celebration! Now if you have littler peanuts like us then they most likely wont be staying up until midnight to celebrate so these are some fun activities and crafts you can do during the day and early evening.

No New Year party would be complete without some fun noisemakers! Get creative and make your own colorful noisemakers with these simple instructions:

1. White and colorful tissue paper {Use leftover scrapes from birthday parties and holiday gifts}
2. Empty plastic water bottle or soda bottle
3. White craft glue, water and a paint brush
4. Sparkly puff ball, ribbon or streamers

Take your empty bottle and put pennies and beans in it for noise. Glue the top on to seal the bottle. Mix half white glue and half water together to make paste. Take smaller pieces for white tissue paper {4×6} and glue them to the bottle. You will want to do 3-4 layers of white tissue paper {once the paper dries it will look solid and not see-through}. Cut up smaller pieces of colored tissue into shapes or confetti and let your little peanuts have fun gluing them to the top layer. Let dry and add the puff ball to the top and tie on your ribbon. Shake away!!

You will need to look festive at your NYE Party so DIY party hats are a must! We used left over glitter wrapping paper from Christmas to make our cone hats. Cut out sheets of about 8×17 and mold that hat to your peanuts head. Once you have created a template you can use it to quickly make more hats! Use tape or white glue to connect the ends. Let your little ones have fun by gluing colorful sequence and stars to their party hat! To finish it off and a fun sparkly puff ball to the top. You can also add string to go around the chin if needed. Make sure to snag some cute pics of your peanuts being silly in their party hats!

Every party needs some good treats and drinks and we are sharing the cutest festive NYE drinks that your little peanuts will go crazy over! Shot glasses or small cups are perfect for the celebration and for little hands. Dip the rim of the glasses in honey and then dip them in a bowl of colorful sprinkles to create darling rimmed party glass. Add some milk and you are good to go! Your little peanuts will LOVE these simple and yummy party drinks!

To finish off the party decor you will need a cute Happy New Year banner! We love felt and use it all the time for crafting. It’s inexpensive and can be used for so many things! We picked out some color felt and made little bunting flags and glued sequins with white craft glue to the felt. String the flags with yarn and add a little glue to hold them in place and you have a fun + cute party banner! Add some extra flags using glitter felt or paper to really make things sparkle!

We hope everyone has a Happy New Year! May 2013 be the best year yet, full of fun and joy with your sweet little peanuts! We would love to see your NYE party and craft pictures… tag us in your pics on facebook and instagram!


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