15 Mar

St Patrick’s Day Party Ideas {FREE printable}

At our St Patrick’s Day Party we wanted to come up with an activity for the littles that was not only fun, but taught them some of the basics about St Patrick’s Day. This Fruit Loop rainbow project did just that!

When it comes to arts + crafts, the more simple you can make it the better! Your peanut’s will understand the concept + can do it themselves. Which means everyone is happy in the end! The best part about this rainbow art is that you only need a couple of items which you most likely already have around the house. Go ahead + start by downloading this FREE RAINBOW PRINTABLE that we made for you!

Grab a stack of cotton balls, a good handful of fruitloops, some glue + you are golden.

We decided to separate the fruitloops into colors for our peanut’s before they started to make it a little easier on them. But this is also a great activity to focus on furthering their fine motor skills + early organization if you have them do the setting up! They are also pretty yummy to munch on while doing the project!

We wish you all a wonderful St Patrick’s Day weekend. Get creative, there are a million ideas out there + it will mean the world to your sweet little peanuts! Be sure you tag us in your St Patrick’s Day projects on Facebook + Instagram so we can pass on the love. And hey, don’t forget to wear your green! Thank you so much Jessica Peterson for the fun photos!

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