20 May

Introducing Natti Natti |Bedding for Children

Who’s Natti Natti you ask? In Swedish, Natti Natti means “Nighty Night.”

Natti Natti is a small Swedish/American family owned company, passionate about art + good design and doing what they love. They strive to create organic, unique, and modern pieces that not only help little ones sleep but also make a positive impact in homes and lives.

The husband and wife team, Shannon + Eric, have always been a great creative team. From the days of indie producing/directing music videos to owning and operating an art gallery in the heart of NYC’s art district. So much changed for them after having kids, as it does for many. During the time when they were expecting their second little one and their oldest, Emma, was transitioning from her crib into her toddler bed, they really wanted to do something special. It was a big change for her and an even bigger change was coming… baby brother! The duo decided to design + create Emma her very own big girl bed duvet cover that she could call her own. Something soft, fun and inspiring that she could snuggle up with at bedtime and dream up adventures big and small!

We are huge fans of Natti Natti because their products are truly handcrafted and made in super small batches with love and care in Brooklyn. Their bedding and blankets are hand printed with water-based + eco-friendly inks on 100% organic cotton. The softest and highest quality organic cotton they could find for little peanuts! We are thrilled to show off their newest collection including bubbles, rainbows, palm leafs + more!

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