03 Nov

Rustic Boy Room

When we think of two words that describe the perfect boys room, rustic + bright come to mind. We love a space that boys can be boys and let their imagination run wild. This room designed by Lay Baby Lay is in a farm house and the bones of it is just incredible. We can’t get enough of the gray stained spruce ceiling, white farm walls and of course the amazing copper pendent that gives a polished industrial look that compliments this room. To get this room it’s all in the details! Head to your local thrift store to find great vintage toys, games,books, sports pennants, artwork and of course a rustic furniture piece or tow would be perfect!

henrys-bluff-house-room-6 henrys-bluff-house-room-4 henrys-bluff-house-room-18 henrys-bluff-house-room-86 henrys-bluff-house-room-19 henrys-bluff-house-room-24 henrys-bluff-house-room-63 henrys-bluff-house-room-15 henrys-bluff-house-room-40 henrys-bluff-house-room-66 henrys-bluff-house-room-58 henrys-bluff-house-room-101

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