08 Feb

A Pregnancy Love Story

A new week, a new beginning and to start things off we have an alluring maternity session to share.  With Valentine’s just around the corner we thought this maternity session was very fitting to post.  This darling couple exudes everything that love is about and Melese with Lemonpeel Studios was able to capture it beautifully!  You can feel the excitement these two have for their upcoming bundle and we couldn’t love it more!  We thought Melese had some beautiful words to say about pregnancy and being able to capture that moment on film.

Sometimes pregnancy feels very far from the most glamorous and beautiful thing your body can go through, it FEELS that way but from an outsiders perspective I think it is really quite beautiful & romantic.  Waiting while your little one grows, thinking and dreaming about what they will look like, what they will sound like and ultimately who they will become in this big wide universe is just part of the love story that two people who want to start a family dream up.  For this maternity session I somehow coerced both parents to play their role in front of my lens and I’d love to do it like this every time. This is their love story and I’m sure they’ll enjoy remembering it as something they were both a big part of.

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