11 Aug

Megan’s Baby Bump | Maternity Photos

Monday is the day! We will be welcoming the newest addition to the Little Peanut family and we are literally going stir crazy just waiting for this sweet babe finally be here! But before he does arrive, I wanted to share with you all my maternity photos. Pregnancy can be a hard thing especially when you are at the very end and just thinking about how uncomfortable + exhausted you are. I personally love being pregnant for the most part! Luckily I haven’t been sick at all this pregnancy but I have been overly fatigued and I can just tell that my body is older. Sleeping has been a big challenge these past couple of weeks because I carry all out the front (and have big babies!) but I can truly say that I love this beautiful bump with all my heart and I know I’m going to really miss it.

I know we don’t always feel or look our best during pregnancy but being able to capture this very special moment in my life is everything. I know these photos will be some of my most cherished! Since this is my third time around I’ve learned a few tips from experience on how to have a successful + stress free photo session. I decided to start the shoot with just me and the photographer so she could capture some really pretty images of just me before the rest of my family showed up. This time was so calm and I really felt so beautiful and in the moment with my belly. I then had by husband and boys come for the last 30 minutes because I still wanted to get photos of all of us together. This way they didn’t have to sit around while I was having pictures taken of me and they were so much better behaved! Because really 20-30 minutes is all that they can handle. I highly suggest trying something like this to keep the process stress-free! I can’t thank my sweet friend, Jacque Lynn Photography, for freezing this moment in time for us! Hope you all enjoy as well!

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